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I am very conversant with residential bpos and I am trying to get it no commercial bpos, I accepted one and has really given me hard time, can someone please help me out. I have already completed it but it was sent back for revisions which is making me have sleepless nights. I am willing to reimburse someone but PLEASE can someone give me a hand. I am in Tennessee , my email is and my number is 9013370182

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  • I am located in Tennessee as well and do commercial orders as well fell free to contact me if you need help. - I see you said you have this one figured out but thought I would  post for future reference if you needed.

  • I took on one order for 75 commercial properties from one BPO company in Texas. They pay $150 each. Ive done commercial real estate and light commercial loan underwriting. Wish I hasd not aken them. Cant do it without LOOPNET and/or 2 or 3 other similar sites. Also---few are close to qualified (no offense) to be able to do these. One order was for an entire shopping center including fast food franchise, national brand auto parts store, several rows of restaurants and misc.


    COME ON!!!!  The lender was so cheap that they would take a BPO on a multi million dollar shopping center? And the comp work they wanted! Sheesh, I wouldnt have taken that job for $1500 but it was thrown into the batch. And, I only had 5 days to do them. Cant remember how many we did finish but a good chunk anyway. In the end the BPO people were mad, we were mad and frustrated, and I have never taken a cc bpo since. They AINT WORTH THE MONEY

    • I am a commercial agent in the Portland oregon Market.  There are commercial bpo's that I have been asked to do that are way outside my expertise.  Yes you only learn by selling, leasing and listing commercial property but you still have to have a basic idea what a commercial agent does for there investors.  That's understand ROI, Local Cap rates and dollar per sq ft for many different types of property. 

      There is a reason why there is commercial brokerages in the world. 

      Stay to what you know. 

  • You may want to seek the help of a commercial agent/broker.

  • I  have access to loopnet. I was able to figure it out. Thanks everyone.

  • you need costar or full access to Loopnet to do a good job on Commercial bpo's.  Who was the company?

    • That's right, Adam. I'm not sure why anyone would accept a commercial BPO if they don't have access to those sites. My MLS does not require commercial properties be entered. I always wondered how anyone could get comprehensive commercial data before a site like Loopnet even existed.
  • what part is/was giving you a hard time? does your MLS require commercial listings be entered? is it a lack of data? do you sell commercial?
  • Did you receive help
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