• I am located in Florida also. They owed me $5000.00 about 5 years ago and I told them I was going to the AG office and they sent me the money.  Another avenue to collect money is go on line and look up "Seniors vs Crime" they work closely with the AG Office and will work with you.  You do not have to be a senior for this free service and I know they will do there best to help you.

  • It may help if you file a fraud complaint with the Attorney General in the state they are located in.  Just a thought

  • So, the name of this company is "Broker Price Opinion First Valuation"?

    • They go by two names:  Broker Price Opinion and  He changes the name every few years.
  • I hired a lawyer (cost me money to no avail) and filed complaints with the attorney general, BBB, (he has over 900 complaints on there) and recolorado.  This company is based here in CO and owes me over $6000.  I stopped working for them over a year ago and still battle to be paid. I would love it if some attorney would help on this matter.  This guy meanwhile is making millions off of us..I see he's moved up in his Real Estate assets.  I suspect he has an in with the Coors Credit Union and they keep giving him work and he keeps hiring agents to work for dirt and never pays them.  Highway Robbery!!

    • You don't need to spend money in an attorney other than is pro-bono due to if they lost the sued then they have to pay for your attorneys expenses also.

  • I would file a complaint with your Attorney General.  If you are being scammed, they need to know this.  Keep hounding them.  If more people file with the AG, that would be the best thing

    • We filed also with AG and BBB.

    • Thank you for all your support!

  • We must all protect ourselves from these scrupulous companies who scam us.  Did you also file with the Better Business Bureau?  

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