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Unfortunately I know them too well.   A couple of years ago they contacted me out of the blue to work for them.  I did.  They paid a couple of times, small amounts, now they have owed me for nearly 8 months. I called, called, called and was told they were reorganizing or didn't have the funds.  I spoke with the lady that cuts the checks, I will not give her name but you can email me if you want,  and she is now promising a check this week.  I have not done an assignment for them in five months and they send me a job or two every work day.  I decline till I am paid and on a regular payment plan.  My advice it to stay away from them.   Plus no chance at reo work which is why we all do the bpo's correct.  Email me if you want to know about a bpo company as I have completed 4600 bpo's since 2008.  I once did 37 in one week.  Jason

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  • Strangely enough out of the blue this morning I had an email from for 4 bpos in my area. I didn't accept them since I have seen so much negative info on them about how they do not pay.

    I do not have the time or patience to be dealing with these bpo companies that are slow in paying or don't pay at all. BPOfulfillment is about to get on that list. They have become so slow in paying now and since they have changed the way they issue bpos it has become next to impossible to get them.

    • Just had another email from for a "Professional Property Inspection" that paid $20. The property was at least 40 miles away from me. I maybe in the Southern California market, but I cover the High Desert area of the Victor Valley and the local mountain communities. So I drive some distance to do bpos. $20 won't cut it.

      • I can recommend a company that the lady that assigns the bpo's also assigns the reo's. I have developed a relationship with her and I can drop her name to you for work in your area, since you are not in mine.   I would need you to email me. Jason

        • I  am interested in getting this information from you, if you would be so kind.

          • where do you work and how many bpo's have you done?     Just curious before I recommend.

            • I am on the East Coast of FL.  I have been an REO agent for 18 years and have been doing bpo's for the same amount of time, I cannot even begin to count how many thousands of bpos I have done

              • Me too.    Send me an email:

  • Please send me the list of bpo companies where you completed 4600 bpo's to:

    ps. I have 5 orders sitting in my in box from brokers price opinion. ....thanks for the heads up......
  • I am in Olympia Wa please give me your email so we can exchange info.
  • I have had the same problem. They owe me money for the last 9 months.  They still call and try to get me to do work, but when I start complaining about not getting paid  they get off the phone.  STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE NOT GOOD!!

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