Broadcast BPO Distributions

I've applied with so many bpo companies I had to input them into a spreadsheet with my usernames and passwords so that I don't get them all confused and forget them! There are at least 3-5 different companies that issue out assignments via broadcast email - first come first serve. One in particular MarktoMarket isn't compatable with my Blackjack. So when I'm out in the field I miss it. In the last month, 13 so far! Needless to say, I was pretty ticked off! Do any of you recommend a good phone/pda to use? Or any other suggestions on how to work around this dilema? I know something can be done because other agents are grabbing them within 2-4 min.

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  • Invest a Blackberry that can access your eMail fast. Check with the phone service provider how fast they access your phone.

    13 is about average per month so you need not to get upset. Also they come in batches. You work fast for a week then hopefully you hear from them again next month.

    You need somehow to narrow to fewer companies. After you have done a bunch and punctual they may call you.
    The worst is a company that I have not got paid since January.
  • I use the Treo 800 and a Blackberry they both work fine...
  • I used to be frustrated with Mark to Market, but lately I have seen a pattern with them and other, where they get the orders on bulk, if you have the time keep checking the website for another 20 to 30 minutes and the orders will keep coming. I have accepted about 60% of the orders that they have sent in my area in the past 3 months. before I was just getting 1% of those orders.
    • Okay... So if your checking the site every 20/30 mins when do you find the time to do the field work and the desk work? And with the increased volume you now have...its amazing your heart doesn't explode from stress.

      But hey...Keep'm Coming!
  • I use a Blackberry Curve 8330 with Sprint. I also used the Treo windows mobile (crashed constantly switched to the BB)
    I have unlimited email, text, internet. Works great however when the blast text or email is sent out you still need to get back in a flash.
    Good Luck
    • Thanks Doreen - That's what I just bought and I absolutely love it!
  • I use the T-Mobile "G" phone. It's incredible, I love it. I can access "real" websites and not those wierd cell phone alternate sites. My email comes in as fast as my computer gets it. In fact, I have noticed a copule of times that my cell phone would get the email before my computer The "G" phone is on the G3 network and is an open application platform. That means you can use robo forms which Noel mentioned. In fact, you may even find other applications on the market that may work even better for you. The phone runs about $500.00 however, if you are a long time T-Mobile customer, you can get it for much less.

    On a more general note, as for those broadcast emails....I don't work for any company that does that. Truth is, I just can't get to my phone or email quick enough to make it really work for me. Maybe you should think about that as well.
    • Wonderful advice and great minds think alike! I got fed up with trying to catch them all. I've purchased the Blackberry Curve through Sprint and it's working great. I'm now working consistently with at least 5-7 companies that assign me orders directly. I'm out in the field and when I'm not, I'm working on files and such. I don't have the time to stress over whether or not I can catch the next one. I also don't believe it's productive on my end. After all, time is money.
  • Hi- One suggestion is Roboforms- this program memorizes all of your website/ passwords and also has an autofill program/profile and with one click you are signed into the site and with another click it can fill out applications to companies pretty well. It has a USB drive that you can take with you and hook up to any computer so your websites and passwords go with you as well.

    I tried the spreadsheet and it soon was not convenient as I stored more and more sites into it.

    Roboforms has a free trial - you might give it a spin. I don't know how I'd manage all the sites without it. I hope that helps.
  • Buy a Blackberry and use the Blackberry email. It's routed to your phone faster than going through your main email.
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