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Anyone heard of Brillon Asset Solution company?  Just got an email requesting to sign up.  You have to take their classes first.  Just the REO is about $1000.  Couldn't find any info on any of the previous forums.  Appreciate any input.  Thanks! 

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  • I was just asked to do a comercial exterior inspection for them that pays $50 but I have to pay a $29 registration fee... Anyone else experience this?  Is it worth it?  I know $29 isnt a lot but im so tired of being nickeled and dimed by companies that never give you anything in return.

  • Sounds a lot like Bridge Asset Servicing a few years back. What happened to them? Brillion is setting a new standard in the Asset Management Industry.  One of Brillion’s key competitive advantages is our highly qualified and certified Broker Network and we believe in having an open and transparent business relationship with our Brokers.  BrillionCircle will allow you to stay on top of breaking news about Brillion and the default industry.  If you have not yet registered to be a part of the Brillion Network.
    On February 8, 2012, a prominent Los Angeles-based law firm will announce that it has entered into a national agreement with Brillion Asset Solutions, Inc., to provide real estate-related legal services to Brillion’s institutional clients and broker network. We encourage our Brillion Broker Network to participate in BrillionCircle and learn more about the current announcement LIVE ONLINE at

  • I had the same feeling.  I have  enough certs & have done thousands of BPOs too.  Don't realy need the classes.  Also did Lamco & never saw even a BPO.  When I did sign up the kept asking me to join again!.  Also did the HUD.Gov & never saw anything.   Just being very cautious anymore.  Thanks for the feedback.

  • I met them at REOCon and they are requiring new agents to take their class, pay the fee, then you will receive a BPO within 30 days to "score" you in their system.  When I asked who was their client, the vague answer was, "We have over 25 clients blah blah blah."  I have personally completed over 7,000 BPOs and I asked him if I still need to take the BPO class and pay the fee, he said yes and then changed his attention to another person.  He never really look me in the eyes and I just have a bad feeling about this company.  Seems like the same technique was used by BankerREO and LAMCO, and I did fell for BankerREO :(.  I would love to hear from others.

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