• Now there's an idea. A BPO company for realtors, run by realtors. 

  • Considering time, materials, gasoline and wear & tear on vehicle... $35 is an insult!! AND it is a disgrace. Let them hire the desparate and inexperience to misguide them and, hopefully, cost them business longterm

    • They've been issuing out $20 Interior Inspections recently, I believe in the hope that capture software accepts it thinking its Exteriors.  Definitely is insulting with many of the prices these companies are issuing out now.  Green River Capital moving onto BPO Fulfillment will only exasperate the issue. 

  • I only pick them up when they raise the fee.  Last time it was upped to $55 from $35 in $5 increments.  Since it was only 100 yard away, i did it.  Payment was made in 22 days.

    • 22 days? When I called, they told me 90 days to receive payment. I'll be making some phone calls this week.

  • I have done some BPO's for this company. They were coming in regularly at $40/$45 each for drive-by. Where I live, this is typical because there are sooooo many agents that will snatch them up quickly. Lately, they have been sending them out offering only $20 for both exterior and interior. I laugh because that won't even pay for my gas. However, I see that most of them are still snatched up by agents who I guess are willing to do these even for that pittance. There are a couple that are a distance away and when no one picks those up, I see the BPO being sent out and they up the price a little at a time until someone takes it. One went up to $55.

    I had called them to ask how they pay. I was told they have a 90 day pay period. So, what I completed in March will be paid in June. Slow yes, but as long as I get paid, that's fine. We shall see how that goes because I started doing their BPO's in March. 

    I see someone's post saying they only do local's for $75 min and others for $125. Wow! If you are getting those prices, I'm happy for you. I have never seen any BPO offer's come thru for that. I'd really like to know which companies pay that price. Please share.

    • It is just like " I got up at 6 AM, cleaned the house, made lunch for the family, went to Kroger and took 15 bpos for $75 each, by 8PM I can complete 15 min each.  I had a good day".   If you are not up front to your peer group, the rest speaks for itself.    

      On the commercials you can haggle a little. Most agents can not do them.

      • I have yet to see exteriors for $75-and as far as doing them in 15min--seems unusual 

        • My thoughts too. It takes me about 30 minutes to find the best comps alone. Then another 1 1/2 hours to fill in all the spaces on the form. Maybe he's using a software program that autofills?

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