• Assigned for order processing.

  • The orders that are being taken by the capture compaines are bpo orders that are just put out there and they jump on them with there auto accept program before any agent has a chance to get the BPO. You are paying the capture company not the sender of the BPO.  The capture company is hijacking the order before a regular has a chance to get it

  • Good to know. I wouldn't give my password, etc.  

    • Just take into account that you'll be paying upwards of $6.00 per BPO captured plus the hey days of Auto-Capturing are pretty much gone by the wayside.

      • We charge $3 per capture for select companies, $2 assigned.  I see it being around awhile because companies have full discretion how they assign their orders, but I don't necessary agree it's the best way to assign orders.  In time, the best methods will prevail.

        • You know before these capture companies came along BPO assignments were put out there for an agent to accept or not. Now these companines have kidnapped the BPO assignments and now you have to pay  by going with a capture company. I think it stinks that unless I pay someone for what I was getting before I will not get a BPO with certain companies. 

          • There are private companies with private software that have a good portion of the BPO industry locked down.  Any company which offers order capture to the public is doing the industry a favor.  I'm not advocating that order capture is beneficial for the industry, but it is simply needed until the companies change their assignment methods.  If it was my choice all companies would have a check down assignment based on ratings and proximity.

          • It is the fault of the BPO companies.  They used to have loyalty and sent their orders to their experienced trusted agents - one at a time - with the option to accept and decline.  Then they would move on to the next agent.  When they started the shotgun approach, it left their loyal agents out in the cold.  They caused auto-acceptor programs to be created.  If I had the know-how, I would have created one on my own. 

  • BPO-Automation did a great job for me when I was getting a lot of orders from mainly Altisource, but also Mark to Market, Clear Capital, and Mainstreet.  You don't share your login information with anyone.  You control the software from your own computer.  I removed Clear Capital when they banned its use along with M2M but they both instituted text messaging/email so you could quickly accept from your phone/tablet.  Their volume went way down anyway.  Altisource has no policy against auto-acceptors.  Not sure about Mainstreet - their fee wasn't worth the time it took to do the form.   

    See the "REO COMPANIES" header above to find them.

  • WARNING  --

    Agents: Before you subscribe to any Auto Capturing company, please consult with your Attorney and your Real Estate Broker. You and your Broker could be held accountable for damages should the servicing company suffer from a 'breach' (Hacker) while using your login information.

    Sharing your MLS login information is a serious violation that you and your Broker could be held accountable for.

    BPO order capturing is a violation of your service agreement with the BPO firms you service. Read your BPO service agreement and you will discover that sharing your "Password" and "Login Information" with a 3rd party is in violation with the Service Contract. Consult with your Attorney you could be held liable for damages should the company suffer from a 'breach'.

    MLS providers and BPO firms are now monitoring IP Addresses ( an IP address is like a home address. They know who's logging on.)  You'll be caught it's only a matter of time.

    Passwords:  You are sharing your passwords and login information with firms that are offshore, how do you know what they will do with your passwords, login information and your account settings?  They could lock you out of your own account.

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