• Yes, the agents must view the property.....and 100% of BPO agents follow those rules. 

    I know a gentleman who does 10 BPOs a you think he is driving around taking pictues of all these places?

    I actually had a AM for a huge BPO firm tell me he wished agents would outsource the pictures so we would spend more time on the reports and give them more "meat". 

    To make any money you have to do volume and you cant do volume when you are on the road for 4 hours a day taking pics...

    Geez...there is a comment on here from a BPO company stating they would give the name of a good photogrpaher that other agents use, LOL

    • so, sell real estate!!  which, even here in wa state, pays more than bpo's..  although, if a licensee takes the attitude that NOT obeying the rules is ok, maybe selling real estate is not your forte ...

    • FYI - that is not a company that assigns BPOs. 

  • John,

    Shoot me a email privately and I will give you their name - Our clients order hundreds of pictures a day from them.

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    • I did not think this was legal? Agent must view the property.

    • Joey,

      Do you comply to any rules?  Now you know 'the agent' must take the photos right!  So why are you offering contacts to do the work the agent should do? 

  • I have done BPOs for 11 large companies over the past 5 years. They all require that the licensed agent doing the report with dated photos and repair descriptions take the photos. Some companies have a screen where you must attest to the fact you took the photos and completed the report without any outside influence. I tried to have someone take my rural photos at one time and was quickly reprimanded. I have also seen a Florida agent dropped for not complying.


    • True, but I think some still hire photos out and just lie about it. I've actually seen ads by local brokers looking for people to hire for BPO photo work. As a bit of a shutter bug (I've got 4 cameras and more lenses than I care to admit to) taking pictures is the best part of the job. If time allows and the drive takes by an interesting area (like the Rio Grande Bosque) I'll often take a DSLR and shoot some landscapes and wildlife on the way.

  • Sadly to say these are inspection photos and visual inspections look from front, sides, rear to ascertain and estimate repair values. Commentaries are required why it is flawless.  Most need to be dated and taken by a licensed professional realtors or brokers.

  • That could be fun.   Seattle,  Port Orchard,  a new SUV for sure.  How many years do you need me for? 

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