bpo payment tracking

For years I've used my trusty excel spreadsheet to keep track of my bpo reimbursements. I've never really bothered researching good software or even accounting software. I only do 30-40/month. What can anyone recommend and what works for you?

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  • Sam, does it auto-fill for equator as well?
    • I see equator financial there. They will add a new form can be added you need to send them a form(actually allowing them to get on) download. It is not 100% filled.... Need to be on Firefox or Chrome. I only use the Comps feature to allow me keep a copy of my work as many sites will not even let broker to access previous work....

      Good part is there is always someone who will pick up the phone ans your questions. These guys are technically competent.

  • realty pilot has payment options. If you are paying your realtor as a broker, that allows assignment also.

    I pay $29 per month doing even less than you just for the auto-fill features. It also grabs Greenriver BPOs & listings(hopefully)...

  • I use TMF which is now partners with RIO Genisis.  To be honest, I love the service for what I pay ($40/month). The biggest feature for me is the macro aspect of the program that will key my data.  However, the payment tracker is great because with a click of a button or 2 I can narrow down to paid vs. unpaid, narrow to a specific vendor, search a specific time-frame, etc.  It has helped me gauge what months to expect more volume, who pays on time, who pays slow, etc.  Don't get me wrong, if you have a system in place that works there is no need to deviate. But I do find great value in have a system track my vendor payments.  -Cheers

  • Victor,

    I do about 250-300/month and the excel still serves me well.  I've seen those software such as RIO and Realty Pilot but its all the same, you still have to manually enter them on those software as if you were going to enter them onto your excel, then when payment comes, you still have to take them out, why pay a fee for something you are already doing. 

    • good point. Why fix what isn't broke.. Thanks Trong

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