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This company was sending out requests for $40-$50 and lately I've noticed their prices dropping and dropping and this morning I was emailed requests for $15! I went online to see if anyone took them and sure enough agents are snatching those up within minutes of posting. How are we ever going to get a decent wage if agents are willing to work for pennies. This is beyond me. 

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  • There are a ton of companies out there dropping their fees including BPO fulfillment, but, there are a ton of companies that are paying reasonable fees for BPOs.  The BPO list at www.reoeducation.com has almost 100+ solid BPO companies and REO companies that you can apply to. I used the program and created a team of people that help me to accept BPOs as well as my data entry.  BPO fulfilment is one of the companies that I do business with regularly.  I have someone on my team who sits on the couch all day while watching TV and hit the refresh button on the company sites so that they can accept new orders for me.  It will be hard to get BPOs from a company like BPO fulfillment unless you are watching the site.  That was something that was also taught at REO Education.  Check them out.  They are giving a 7 day free trial with no credit card info required.  Maybe you will find some more tips to help you grow your BPO business.

    • Ok. I'll bite. How much does it cost?  What can you get during the free trial? 

      • I forgot to mention that when you sign up for the free trial, you also get on the mailing list for free unless you decline.  REO education will send out one or two BPO companies and REO companies to everyone on the mailing list at no cost.  New companies will sometimes get sent out so that people can test the companies out and then if they are good, they can mention them on the REO Education forum so that more people can join or REO education can know that it is a good idea to remove them from the list of approved vendors.

      • During the free trial, you receive a few of the courses but not everything.  The free trial is just designed to let you see that it is not a gimmick but that there is valid information in the site that you can use.  You would also have access to the forum which may have additional valuable information.  You would actually have to sign up to get all of the companies though.  If you sign up to receive the list of both the REO and BPO companies along with the 14 video courses that teach you to complete BPOs and become a preferred vendor along with servicing and selling REOs, it is $29.99/month.  But, you can cancel immediately after you buy it, if you just want the lists and you already know how to become a preferred vendor with BPO and REO companies.  Each video is about 20 minutes.  If you only want BPOs or you only want REOs, then you can choose to just have access to one of the 2 programs at $19.99/month and cancel whenever you want.  Honestly though, you would make the $30 back if you just do one BPO with one of the companies on the list.

  • If you have done BPO's for Broker Price Opinion, you may as well write it off now and quit doing them as they owe me $385. for three years now, they are the BIGGEST rip off BPO company out there. I had a attorney write a letter, sent it recited mail, was promised I would receive in two weeks, guess what it DID NOT happen. "LOSERS"

    STAY AWAY from them

    I have also quit the $30 and $40 BPO's, I stated doing them back in 1995 was paid $50. for drive by, now they want to pay $30-$40, they can stick them where the sun doesn't  shine, it is less that minimum wage, - gas, time, ink, paper, insurance, wear and tear on your car, pay your help, over head - you are losing money.

    • Some companies are only paying $35 for drive-by's. And to think that there are agents still accepting them. If you do the numbers of what it costs you to do a BPO, an agent doing a $35 BPO is making at or less than minimum wage. Those agents would be better off getting a job at a fast food place or get into retail.

  • I have issues on accepting order at BPO Fulfillment. When I tring to hit the "accept" button the form open but the order is not accepted. Anyone could help me?

    • Marky,

      Send me over an email so that I can help. Pam@pamsvas.com

  • BPO Fulfillment does not pay check the boars for agent that are having problems getting paid.

    • Olga - I don't understand. What does "pay check the boars" mean?

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