BPO automation to accept orders.

Any one heard  or have suggestions of software used to accept BPO orders?  I know some Asset Companies do not allow you to use them, however, some do not care.   I am not interested in any companies that charge for the software and also charge you per order capture which takes a bite out of your profit.  Thanks in advance.

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  • here you are again, Shadid.  I hope anyone reading these posts realizes, as they are complaining about how low BPO fees are going that it is because of people like Shadid and Rajad and Ameritax!!!  They outsource to India or wherever so they can pay $2 per hour.  They fired US workers so they could make more money and yet they still keep paying us less.  DO NOT SUPPORT these things...and this guy copies and pastes the exact same blurb on every post about he gets on. He is contributing nothing, only advertising his services.  I think he needs to be removed as a member.

  • I was pretty happy with BPO-Automation until the last week.  I only use it for 1 company and can usually get 40-50 orders a month since I have 5 counties that I cover.  I've literally watched as I've missed about 30 orders this week. 

    That said, I found it worthwhile, after the free trial, to buy it and $40 orders are $2.50 each.  My free trial basically paid for the purchase.

    I saw the one that charges $5 per order but I wasn't sold on their website info. 

  • I signed up a couple of times to AAA Solutions. They charge $5.00 per order. Still no orders from them. Also, signed up for bporeomasters. Canceled, They were to sign me up with 40 new companies per month. The issue was, they messed up the log on information. So, I never could log in.

  • Nicole has a webinar on it. She claimed she has generated 2 mil for all userss in 4 months. There is a 14 day? free trial period. Some months in her chart showed they did almost nothing for users.

    These auto assign feature can give you orders that you can not service (time constraint, distance, location etc). The way to go is do a good job with the company you feel comfortable with so they assign them to you direct.

  • they all make a dent in your bottom line....

  • I tried BPO Automation Group. Want to talk about sticker shock?!? It cost me a small fortune! I just try to grab them as quickly as possible on my phone email. Best of luck!

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