AVM no orders?

I successfully created an account for Asset Valuation Marketing. Today is my second day from the day I got approved to them but I haven't receive any orders. Anyone knows, why? What should I do?

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  • They used to have a lot of volume when they had Litton as a customer. Now, I hear from them about twice a year. Good folks, good payer, but their forms are a huge time sink.

  • I have worked for this company for many years.  I have NEVER had any issues with payment.  They are a good company. 

  • As a fellow professional I would like to share with you that BPO work is very time consuming. Consider the following; use of your vehicle, gas consumption, time to take photos plus the time to do the research and perform data entry. 

    I am making this comment merely from a personal point of view and food for thought for you.  Time is the most precious tool we all have in our hands and if you miss use it with minor things that that have very little return on investment and will not make a dent on your current finances or long term situation, then sit down and figure out your Real Estate game plan.


    I have been in this business for a while and I will share with you that I see many agents talk about BPOs and I restrain from  commenting, as I don't want to insult anyone or come accross as a negative player, but the reality is that if you do not have enough work that brings you the income you require to pay your bills or feed your family, then you need to re-invent yourself and redo your business plan and execute that business plan with vigor, focus, discipline, action and extreme desire and motivation to make things happen for you. .


    I wish you luck and remember time is of the essence, once time is gone, it is gone, there is no going back to regain it. 

    I wish you a great day, one that is fun, productive and filled with positive outcomes. 



  • I did BPOs for them. One every few weeks. Their input forms are very extensive and take quite a while to fill out. As others have written, they pay in about 30 days. I always suspected that they had other BPO agents in my area and that I wasn't their first choice. Nearly all of my assignments were rural and very hard to comp.
  • John,

    I have worked for AVM for several years now, yes they are very particular on their BPO work, yes it is WOC, having said that, I have never waited for a check always under 30 days and direct deposit, they have sent me quite a bit of work, just busy lately and haven't had time but 6-10 a week when I was working steady for them. Good company, quality control.

  • Sexist. 

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