ARRO Management System

Did anyone else get an email from this company ARRO. According to the email First AM has changed to this platform and now all agents have to update info on this system. It appeared legit as they had all my expired information. The email and registration does not guarnetee listings however its a $75.00 fee and they indicate a new cleint using that platform has been brought on board.


If all is true its things are lining up to be busy by late 2nd quarter, just a few months away. 

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            • Rochelle, did you pay the additional $49 to sign up for LPS? 

              Also, do you know if we need to pay the $49 and sign up for it in order to get any referrals?

              • You only need to pay for LPS when you work for a bank that uses that invoice portal (which I'm finding is most).  At that time you pay and take the training.  I have never received any referrals from it. 

  • Been there, done that and tired of it!  Don't pay any fees unless you are in with them!!!
  • I just received a message from these people saying that RMS is a new division with some prospects in their pipeline but do not have any in my area.  I wonder then, why would they even take my money in the first place?

    • I'm with you, Aldo.  I'm suspecting they needed our cash influx to fund the projects they were working on, and to meet their payroll.  It's not doing me a bit of good!

  • In case some of you didn't go to REO EXPO I went to their presentation, they explained that they are only doing rentals at this time and the pilot program is only in one state and not nationwide yet. 

    The way they will work is that we will write the lease with the current occupants or find a tenant for the properties, we will have to inspect the property a few times a year, and after the lease is over either renew it, find another tenant or list the house. 

    They have a property management company that will handle the payments, evictions, repairs, etc.

    A lot of other AM use LPS invoicing, it is a quick way to get pay. I also receive the request for MLA and I sent it. Hopefully this program will start to take off nationwide soon.

    • What % of business (rentals and/or listings) from the potential # available do you guestimate that we'll get if we choose not to pay the $49 to sign up for LPS ... vs paying the $49 and signing up?
      • In my opinion you should contact First American RMS, they are very approachable and can tell you, I think if you get business from companies that requires this type of invoicing system, then it is worth getting it, I am already using LPS with other clients, but if you are not then it doesn't make sense to pay the $49. 

        You should ask them if you should wait until you get assignments to sign up for LPS invoicing or if in order to get assignments you have to sign up with them.


        Remember when Excellen told everybody that they have to sign up with RESNET Amp and be RDCPros to get listings and what ever happen to Exellen? 


        I got the feeling from REO EXPO that they are implementing their program and gaining clients slowly, they told us that they will start in the HOT markets and then move gradually to the rest of the country, but they didn't give us dates, however now that the White House is pushing for this reo rental strategy, they maybe they will move faster.

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