What a disaster! I have about 12 listings of which I have 10 under contract. (Hoorah, right?) These are like closing short sales! The VA tries to do everything on the cheap, they use no attorney, they use some huckleberry Finn title company to "process" the paperwork and the asset managers say that their hands are tied. But they keep listing more properties for sale!. I told the asset manager why in the hell do you keep putting listings in the system when you cannot close what is already in the system? Of course they are just doing what they are told like a good little asset manager! I have sales pending from mid-November that are CASH DEALS WITH NO HOA that have STILL not closed! When you try to call the title company they are using, they tell us that no file is assigned to one person, they say they use a "team approach"...What a joke! This is frustration city! Are any agents out there fighting this battle also? Does anyone have a VA complaint line that they no of?

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  • Yes, I am having some delays as well. They have recently changed title companies so I am guessing there are some kinks to be worked out. Key for me is to educate selling agents and their buyers that there may be delays due to the nature of REO and the institutional sellers. For me, my asset manager has been very good about signing extensions timely and communications so the selling agent and buyers do not feel like they are forgotten. 

  • Can you inbox me info on the asset management company that handles Va Reo's

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