I recently joined this BPO/REO company. I have gotten bombarded with BPO's that they want done for no payment but promise listings. They come back after I send a BPO and challenge a prior BPO. I get the feeling I am just providing a 2nd opinion?If anyone can share their experience I would greatly appreciate it!Leslie Hansen, BrokerMoving Jacksonville Real Estate

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  • Ive done many bpo's ( aprox 60).... have received 2 reo's... and expect quite a bit more next quarter,,,,,,,
    They have a good reputation and as well... you'll be exposed to many additional lenders through their platform. Lenders that you cant get into , except through resnet.
    I keep my bpo range close to home, therefore they are easy to complete and their format is very simple!!
    I would suggest you, give them 3 months and see...??
    • Thanks Rose, I have picked all the zips that I enjoy working in, and believe it is good to keep my opportunities open. Thanks for your comments.
  • I've completed around 5 BPO's for them and received 3 of the listings. When you are doing BPO's for them it is a good idea to ask the person assigning them to put a "little gold star" in their file for you. Then when they do look for agents if you have a internal recommendation on your work you will have more of a chance.
    • "little gold star"?  Is there actually something in their software like that or do you simply mean put in some good words?
    • I Stephanie, thanks for your reply. I have been pooring on the charm and reminding them of how excited I am about receiving REO listings. None of the BPO's I have done have listed yet, so I guess it isn't that they are going to someone else, just timing. I will continue to encourage them to give me great marks!
  • keep doing them and you will get a listing. theres no inventory right now especially with christmas right around the corner ...

    I assure you they are a legit company and great to work for!

    ask for more bpos because the more bpos you do the MORE reos you get!
    • Thanks Sarah,

      Everyone one has been such great help on this site, I love it!
  • I have done work for them in the past and you will receive lstings.
    • Thanks for your response, Shane.

      I have now done 16 with no REO's, however I am tracking the ones I have done, and none have been given to someone else. I know it can't be I'm not doing a great job since I started BPO's 24 years ago, it is hopefully just that there have been no opportunities in my area. One USRes rep said I would get the next one that comes available.
  • I've done paid BPOs for USRES and I've done free ones. They provided 1 listing before I ever did my first BPO. That sale went through flawlessly, and I haven't had a listing since (1.5 yrs ago). They were great to work with. Not sure why things fell off.
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