Any feedback on's BPO unpaid list

Without subscribing to Res.Net, I know you can sign up as an unpaid BPO vendor agent to be included in rotation to get listings vs the paid only BPO list that is not in rotation to be considered for a listing. Anyone have any advice or experience on this and if the unpaid BPO agents actually do get listings after some time. 


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  • I have done dozens of free BPO's for US RES with the promise I would get a REO from them but haven't in several years and pay the full $700 yearly AMP membership fee but considering not doing it anymore....
  • Actually I start getting requests from to do a mobile home bpo on a huge lot. I ignored it it now offers $125. We have no reos and homes are still sold 2-4 days with open house NOT allowed. With fewer sellers and more time working from homes buyers are waging a bidding war again. The more involved you are with them the better chances you have.
  • I used to get properties from USRES but that was years ago.
  • My full paid membership is due at the end of this month. With the REO shortage I am trying to decide if I want to renew. I have gotten listings in the past. Any thoughts?
  • I have been doing the free BPO's and more recently condition reports. I get an REO from time to time so this has paid my AMP subscription for some time. It is worth it. The last REO I got was a 'hand me down' - it was assigned to me from another agent! I love them as they are generally overpriced. I moved it to contract in the first two weeks and closed on that high offer. There properties are priced to sell. But they are particular and for me being the same way, it works well for us all. I highly recommend them.
    • That's great to hear, although I don't pay for the subscription.
  • I get lots of listings from, but I pay the full fee every year. You have to do at least 1 free BPO for US RES before they will give you a listing. It takes time.
    • Interesting. That is good info. I get a lot of orders, but I was starting to wonder. I also do not pay the full fee.
  • I was a member of paying their fee to join. Was a member for 1-year and received ZERO Listings despite the fact doing numerous BPO's. FYI ... Save your money and avoid!
    • Thank you. I was told there were two lists. One unpaid to be put on a list on rotation for listings. Or Paid, but you would not be put on a list for rotation. I haven't paid for any memberships. I have done several free BPO's for them until I realized they were unpaid.
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