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  • I had few listings with them all using the Realtrans and Hubzu to market the property. I just received a very interesting assignment using Equator. Questions for those who used Equator: If the Task is to Accept / Reject Assignment, when you click accept the system ask you to "Upload Signed Assignment Agreement", I asked the Access Manager and she reply to upload a dummy doc. Anyone familiar with the Task? If the access Manager did not sent a document to upload, what did you do`.        

  • The last BPO I did and the money came in my account within 3-4 days. I talked to the rep about REO who called me for distance BPOs, she said they have in house broker who does all the listings. I'm getting lot of BPO/CMA but I don't accept all especially the one with lower fees of $30. I like their system where you have you have to enter all the data its pretty neat, lot of the information and sold/listings auto populated and you can pick and choose.

  • I have listed and sold 2 listing for Altisource. They have an office an list their own listings on the MLS. After it has been listed for a while and has not sold, they will use a local agent. Have not had any listings in a while now.

  • I do bpo's and cma's for them.  The platform is quite easy. I haven't had any listings in a few years. They are using their own broker out of another state to list them, mostly auctions.  Easy however I think they might be using my photos for listings which pisses me off, but what can you do? It's too bad because they don't improve any of the properties, the absolute bare minimum, winterize and no power, hence the auctions due to condition.  

    • lol you can watermark you pics ;) maybe withvyou phone number to capture buyer leads
      • Last time I complained about them using my photos, they referred me back to our contract which says the photos belong to them.  When I tried using marked photos, they said not to or the BPO will be rejected.  I am talking years ago at this point.

  • I'm with Carrington Real Estate Services and they have been getting some Altisource REO's. I haven't had one yet, but some agents in the office have gotten one or two here and there. 

    • I got phone call in January sometime from Altisource rep if I was interested in their work. I signed up and started getting BPOs. I haven't done any yet because I was out for 3 weeks. The problem I noticed I can't pick and choose zip codes from the counties which is bummer so some of those BPOs are 100 miles away. They use RealTrans portal. I noticed few of them were IBPO and some were ICMA. Will try to get few next time i'm free. 

      Anyone else doing BPOs for them?

      Any feedback?

      • I haven't checked the website lately but there's a place to define your zip codes or select whole cities or counties. I used to do a very high volume of BPOs for them up to about 2 years ago. I think they fired me but they also reduced their average exterior fee from $40 to $35. I was mostly ok w 40 but also frequently negotiated higher to go farther out. And they willingly paid it. I think they decided they were paying too much. 

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