• I agree its my favorite bank to work with. I pay no utlility bills, no lawn care, 500 cfk bonuses, You jsut have to learn the DARES system. Read the broker guidelines and not email the asset manager for every little thing. Its one of the most affordable to work with, no fronting cash for keys money, The asset managers dont cover certain areas they cover everywhere, In other companies if your favorite asset manager gets moved to cover another area you are out of lsitings. This doesnt happen with AHMSI.
  • I was getting a steady volume of listings from them but no more. This is also the case with several other good agents in our area. Something's up with them. I didn't do anything wrong, got all my MSR's and BPO's in on time even though they don't remind you to do them.
  • Maybe this is true, maybe not. AHMSI keeps coming up with new requirements that if you don't do them they drop you, like $300 training, $99 sign up for REO marketing. I just keep doing what they say because they do give me a listing on a regular basis. They are difficult to work with but once you figure out how DARES, their web site works, it's not so bad. You have to remember, each asset mgr has over 400 listings to handle, and once you get that, it's easier to understand why you get not answer to your emails, etc. I always put URGENT in the subject line if I really want an answer and most of the time I get one.
    • So where did you go to sign up?

      thanks! Roseanne
  • Just sent the email... with the services I provide. I'll let you know what happens.
    • I did last too, last week, but they returned it with this message:

      At this time we are not accepting any new applications to become approved brokers/agents of American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc / AHMSI Real Estate Management Inc.. In the event we require additional brokers/agents in any given area, we will be reaching out to those areas to obtain applications directly. We wish you much success

      That's ok, like Miguel, I have also been approved by a couple of companies that aren't approving new agents. I'll keep trying.

      Let us know how it works out for you in your area.
  • I went to the site received the same message regarding no more applications. What web site link did you use?
  • Hi Miguel,
    I sent an email to them, but the link on the site indcatesthey are not taking new agents. When you went on the site didit have a link to an online application that day? Or was it in response to an email you sent them?

  • Can you share the link you applied at??//
    THANKS!!! and Happy Holidays!!!!
    Rose Mencia
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