• I got a call from Eric from absolute reo and he was in a rush .that he needs a bpo done in Ashburn. They pay $50 for exterior and $100 for interior. He have listings in my area. After talking about how great his company is ,he asked me to sign up. I had asked him that I can still do bop and I can pay him later as I was out of office. He said he can't even give me the bpo if I do not give him $295.
      Now he will call me tomorrow . I will tell him what I found out.
      I had a bad luck with these companies in the past. Never spend money on these type of companies or companies they say they will get you REO . Why can not they do it by themselves, rather then charging us $1000 to $2000
  • Thank you to all my fellow Agents - got a call from ABSREO today.  They said I filled something out a year ago and they were following up (BIG red flag). I let them read their script and then told them I will check them out on our Realtor blog and if they checked out I would call them back - so glad I did! They are bad is the latest from the BBB.


    • AARON, great post!!! thank you. I'm so glad i got my refund back and not going back. Rosie


  • I actually got a BPO earlier this week.
    • but see if you actually get paid. They have scammed most of the agents that have been unfortunate to come into contact with them. (I personally think you are a plant.JMHO) Good Luck.
      • no, plants here except for the tree I am currently sitting under. I have done bpos from places on RESNET and never got paid....
        • Ok John, That is fine and dandy, but is getting 1 BPO from them now giving you hope? If so why should it? I mean you even said you have been with them for 2 years now and during that time have you not read these forums and figured out the way that they work? Wouldn't you say that they might have read your post and then sent you the token BPO so you could then come back and post something positive? Well, if you have not done so I hope you read all the post on here and then do a google search and tell me how the 1 bpo would be a good thing. Also hope you at least get paid for the token BPO. Also your comparision to RESNET and ABSREO really does not compare. ABSREO is a company that has burned many people and just  seems to suspect. RESNET is a platform that different companies use for assignment of work. So if some company has never paid you for a bpo , then that is a reflection of them as a company and not RESNET as a platform.
          • George, you are right on.  John gets a BPO which he paid $299 which he gets back $50 for doing it.  He is actually paying them for his BPO. There has not been one agent that stated they ever got a listing and that it was they tell you that they have "listings in your area" to entice you to sign up.  Save your money. 
            • I was able to reach someone via email from ABS REO and got my $299 back.  I did a BPO for them about a month ago and have yet to be paid. If they call you, just say no. You'll get 1 bpo, it'll cost YOU $299 to get it. I agree, haven't heard of one agent who is actually getting REO listings from this company.
        • so sorry. I have done hundreds of BPOs and REO listings and only got stiffed once for a Drive by. This ABS has stiffed hundreds of hard working agents that wanted to believe they might get a break and get some listings as they were told. That's why the BBB has given them an "F" and this 40 pages of comments continues to grow. Such a shame. We should move on to more positive endeavors. I guess as long as they are allowed to do whatever it is they do these comments will go on. like i said Good Luck. i only wish good to any of us that work for a living and try to make it in this market. Work Hard and better yet work smart.
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