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Happy Thursday


Does anybody know the REAL fee to join LAMCO?  The fees are from $99-$399 a month.  Before you join, you have to read all their docs before registering to be an agent with them.  I would appreicate somebody who has experience working w

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Vendor Select ???

Does anyone have any information in regards to Vendor Select ? They asked me to sign up- after doing so, I was "accepted", however since the acceptance I received a phone call stating that in order to be a member I needed to pay $340 for a 14 mos. me

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Just starting...

I'm new to reopro and have listed 2 properties before for res.net and NewVista.  Those are the only listings I have gotten in 3 years with them.  I'm ready to get more!!  After reading some posts here, it seems like Fannie Mae & the asset management

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