Default Servicing Technologies (DST) is enhancing its DispoSolutions database to increase its reach and business-building capabilities. As a result, we will now be offering a variety of subscription options to you and other agents (if like thousands of agents around the country you have already subscribed, you may ignore this message or forward it to a colleague):

· A Basic Subscription ($25/year) will allow you to receive both REO and BPO assignments.

· A Premium Subscription ($125/year) will give you all the benefits of a Basic Subscription, plus the ability to:
   - Be searchable in up to 30 zip codes
   - Promote your Web site on your Agent Profile Page and on clients' agent search results

· A Limited Subscription is available at no charge if you want to be listed and receive BPO assignments only.

DST's business has grown by nearly 1400% in the last two years! You can leverage this growth by subscribing now to the newly enhanced DispoSolutions database:

√ Go to
√ Complete the subscription sign-up form that will appear after you log in.

Until we receive your completed form, we will continue to list you on the DispoSolutions database. However, starting February 22nd, you will only be able to receive BPO assignments. Please note that if you were working on properties before today, you will be able to complete these assignments without subscribing.

Our new DispoSolutions subscription program will enable us to:

· Eliminate multiple agent accounts
· Identify inactive agent accounts
· Give agents more ways to market and promote themselves

The result will be a more streamlined database and a more positive, productive experience for all those involved in DispoSolutions. Take a minute now to set up your subscription at


If you have any questions, please send them to

Thank you,



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  • I signed up with this company thru 2 different sources (didn't know it at the time) in the last month. I have yet to get even an email from the company, much less notice of the changes.

    It seams that this is quickly becoming a new trend to make money. They are getting paid for the incoming BPO request and now they are getting paid by the agents doing the BPO. Man, what a money making racket! I think I'm going to start my own BPO mill! But I will at least tell you up front that you are not going to get any assignments, I just want your money to put you on a list! And if by some strange reason I get a request for a BPO, I'm going to do it myself. lol

    I highly encourage every agent reading this to be smart with your money! Don't throw it away on hopes amd promisses!
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  • Hey Johnathon, there is already a discussion going on this with some feed back from members, there are some companies named that you might recognize. Check it out at or just scroll down them forum.

    I like the idea that there will be a general “purging” of the inactive or wanna be REO agents that might not sign up now that there is charge. I still get listings from them although not near as many as from Equator, but well worth the minimal expense. This actually could be a better time to join.
    Dispo Solutions
    Well....It's finally happened, I logged on to Dispo this morning just to find out they now have a membership fee.   Basis membership is now $25 per y…
  • How about they take the fee out of the first deal you close. I don't even know what clients I have that are working on this platform. Somebody please enlighten me as to what clients are using dispo, so I can make a decision if im going to donate to another charity LOL
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