2 More Bite the Dust

While we are still recovering from the "shock" of Evil Solutions going under we get hit with the news of two more companies biting it.  Goodbye to Secured Lending and NREIS. Now, unlike Evil I actually enjoyed SLS and NREIS.  A lot. Sad to see them go.  Plus NREIS owes me a lot. The orders were done in the past 60 days so I was not concerned with not being paid yet.  As I sat and licked my Evil wounds and prepared my tongue for the NREIS wounds I shall soon be licking I pondered why this is happening.  Now, with Evil it was because they were liars and crooks and the fact they lasted this long was astonishing.  However, with the other ones....well, I really had to wonder and then it hit me.

The banks don't want to pay for work, so they get the BPO companies to underbid each other to the point where we are getting $30 drive by orders (WTH?) and there is STILL not enough profit left for the asset companies to keep their doors open.  Who does keep their doors open?  Those who have gone off shore for QC and support services.  Very sad.  Some are so greedy that they are killing everyone else.

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  • I hear that NREIS is going down but not SLS.  I do alot of work for SLS and an insider told me that SLS is business as usual.  

    • I've heard the same.

      • Sylvia, would you be from Rochester, NY?  Your last name is a familiar one to my family.

  • I think Integrated Asset Services is going down this very road and they owe me $255 and keep saying it's being checked into and we'll escalate your payment, but don't have a due date.  What can we all do, this is becoming a nationwide problem.

  • Sad to see SLS and NREIS go. I just called to check up on my unpaid past orders and was informed of the news, thus bringing me to this site to see if any others had more info. I am glad to see "Evil Solutions" go they were a headache and it took me so many phone calls and a certified letter to the CEO to get paid. I'm convinced they don't pay unless you beg. I never did another order for them after they sent my money. Hope to see an increase in orders for other companies........we'll see

    • Now, I need to make sure that when you called you were told the SLS and SLS only was going out of business. I have not received payment yet on orders completed in December (58) and just finished a similar bulk which we worked on for 2 weeks!! I'd really appreciate everyone's reply.

  • And in turn the BPO companies get the agents to underbid. There will always be agents who will do the job for less, or faster or free just to get in the door.  This in turn will mess up the market even worse than it is due to the incompetence.  And we all know how much weight is put in our expertise and professionalism, especially when QC is steadfast on "rules and percentages".  A 5% price variance on a 1000 sf ranch and 5000 sf lake front home is not, and  I repeat, not  the same. I take pride in the fact that I know my market. QC people are not experts, they are working however.  That is more than many US citizens can say at this point.


    The state of affairs of this country is heading outside these borders for the all the same reasons.  It is a shame. There must be a way to regulate these guys. I believe it's illegal in any state to not pay someone for work performed wherein you have been paid by the customer already.


    Evil owes me money too, hopefully the State of Florida will do something about these guys.  I don't think bankruptcy can override criminal activity.

    • First of all, Kristine, I agree with you about agents out there that will do the work for less.  What I don't understand their logic of ding this in order to get "in the door".  If they really thought about it they would realize that there are no contracts and everything is based on precedence <sic>.  In other words if they were able to do it for less previously, why wouldn't they still be able to do it for the same amount as before or even less?  These agents are setting themselves up to be abused by the BPO companies.  It's not like a retail store that undercuts prices to eliminate any competition in their areas or even a supplier willing to undercut their competition to get your business and get you under contract with them.  

      What you end up with, as you said, the BPO companies being left with incompetent field agents with low quality work.  And once the companies lose those quality agents it's difficult to get them back.

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