Why I like Lookie Lou's!

There are many reasons why I like and respect Lookie Lou's. If you've ever sat at an open house for two hours or more without traffic you will understand my first reason. With all the preparation given to arrange and set up an open house it is disheartening if no one stops in. I for one do not want to eat all my own cookies! Nor do I want my sellers to think nary a soul was interested in their charming, darling, cozy home.Au Contraire! I am there for a reason and that reason is YOU! Neighbors, curious George's, inquiring minds come one come all. I want to tell you about this home and show you it's features. Yes! That is my primary reason for having an open house. I also want to meet new people. I cannot be successful in real estate by talking to only a handful of people I know. I want to broaden my horizons and reach out to whomever is interested in discussing my passion for real estate. Consider me to be an artist in an art gallery. I will gladly discuss my work as well as engage in any discussion regarding art as it is my passion!Additionally, Lookie Lou's ask questions. Therefore we can engage in a conversation which typically evolves around, you guessed it, my passion and reason for being there.....real estate. This is a golden opportunity to 'feel the pulse' of someone who is interested but wary of the current market status. It is also an opportunity to dispel myths or mythical thinking. More importantly, it is a time to make a connection with someone new by discussing their concerns and providing access to information that may make them less concerned. It is also a time to delve into whom they may know who needs to sell or purchase a home. It is a time for me to introduce myself and my service to someone in the community who may not otherwise have met me nor I them. Think of it as a way of branding as my name needs to be in your thoughts when you or someone you know needs the services I provide.Yes, I am there holding this home open as it is on the market for sale. Certainly, it is my goal to sell it for my client. I will work hard to market it this way and any other way to fulfill their need and my responsibility to them. Additionally, I also want to meet you, whomever you are. Simply put......we need to connect. You may need some information I have and you may ask me for information I don't have but need to research. You may need my services someday or you may provide a service I need. You may know someone who needs my services or you just may know someone who wants the home I am holding open. Welcome to my open house Lookie Lou! Have a cookie and punch and let's chit chat while I show you this beautiful home for sale. We may not live next door to one another but we can certainly act like neighbors!Linda Landry, REALTOR ® Exit Realty 1st Choice Tucson, Arizona
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  • Hi Tom; thanks! I like your positive attitude!
  • So true, my experience has been that most of the time at least one good thing happens as a result of an open house. Whether it be meeting a prospective client, or simply learning or discovering more about the subject property good or bad, the neighborhood, it is all good! Looking back, most of these things with follow up typically turn into income, sooner or later.
  • Thanks Carlos; I am workin' my way up to you! ;~)
  • Excellent!!!
  • Thank you Blanca; I love this interactive forum as I have lots to learn and I feel we can all learn from one another.
  • Awww thanks Billie; wish we could do lunch one day and share war stories!
  • Linda, with your passion for real estate, there's no way you can fail. Wish you would come to my office & give my agents a pep talk. Happy open housing!
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