What the Public Thinks About Realtors

Are you a commission hungry, investment greedy, out for the kill, selfish, only interested in your own bottom line, completely lacking any real professionalism Realtor?

Well….sure you are, didn’t you know that?

Most of us, can all agree, the public’s idea of what a Realtor does and who we are isn’t all that great. In fact, I am sure most of us have likely heard things like, “Realtors are part time professionals”, “Realtors are just over paid house wives and,  my personal favorite is, “The requirement to get a license is so low, anyone can be an agent”. Granted, perception is often times reality so, regardless of how true these statements may be, we as an industry have a problem….a big problem.

Sad to say though, I myself kind of agree with some of these perceptions. I have myself run into Affiliate Brokers who absolutely had me banging my head up against a wall. In fact, one time, after talking with an Affiliate Broker with another company, I was so exhausted, so battered by stupidity; I thought I was trying to corral cats.

My biggest problem with perception of what we do is the perception that we do nothing. This absolutely bothers me to no end but, truth be told, a vast majority of us literally stick a sign in the yard and wait…..wait……and wait some more. A majority of us don’t do much of anything to pro-actively market, advertise and network our client’s homes. In fact, it’s a bit of an epidemic however, we really aren’t the only ones to blame. How many times have you been to a listing appointment where you haven’t given your clients at least a Comparative Market Analysis, with verifiable comparables sales, in the last 3 months, within the same subdivision, within 10% or less of the subject properties square footage, within + or – 1 bedroom, bath, half bath and finally, within 10% of the subject properties acreage? Chances are, you haven’t done all that work for the majority of your clients because, your clients don’t ask for it. They don’t even know to ask for it. They just assume you did your homework or better yet, they will dictate to you what they will list it at and you don’t have any say either way.

We have all heard, “buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever make” however, how many of us, when working with our client, actually do the same due diligence we would do for ourselves when looking to buy our own home? Oh…did I just touch a nerve? I think I did.

We have a public that is so in sensed on moving quickly, that they have completely given up on moving smart. We have an industry so full of “professionals” that we have completely given up on being professional and become so in sensed with cashing that commission check. So…who is to blame for this debacle? Better yet, maybe we should ask ourselves, do we really have a problem with this perception? Maybe this is just the way the real estate business works?

I am here to say NO, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to work and we owe the general public better. I have seen Affiliate Brokers working with clients and as I pass the door, I hear an offhand remark that makes my blood boil. I get so ticked off because the Affiliate makes such a huge mistake that I can imagine myself in the court room swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….if you know what I mean. For example, when you get a new listing, how many agents call you to ask you, “What kind of condition is the home in?”, “What kind of repairs are we looking at?” or “How much do you think it will cost to fix it up?”??? Now, the funny part of this article is, some of you just read those last couple of lines and thought to yourself…..”what is the problem with answering those questions?” and then some of you read those couple of lines and cringed. I got a questions for you, what category are you in? Did you cringe or did you stop and think back to this morning when you answer all three of those questions about that new listing you got at 666 Money Pitt Ln?

To see change in this industry, each individual will first have to become that change. A very famous man, Mahatma Ghandi said something very similar within a different paradigm however, the truth behind the statement rings true here and now.

The next time you take those mandatory CE courses, actually take something with you and implement it in your daily business life. Expand your skill set, you are much more than just a Realtor. I would go so far to say, if that is all you think you are…if that is all you know….then maybe this profession isn’t right for you in the first place.

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  • Hey Patrick....that SSSUUUCCKKKSSS!

  • You never know what people are going to do. I once did a CMA for a seller on a small 2 BR home. I came in at $72,000. One other agent came in at $62,000 and a third came in at $84,000. I spent an hour explaining my comps, the dangers of over pricing, how the home has to appraise, ect.

    A week later I see she listed at $74,900 with the agent that gave her the $62K CMA. I called and asked her why and she said because that agent lived across the street from her son and her son really liked her. I asked why she listed at my value instead of her agent's value and she said you really sound like you know what you're talking about so I went with your price.

  • Indeed I have had listing appointments where I come armed with a battery of stats, facts and figures, the seller glosses it over and still lists with someone else despite that I actually did the homework, al enclosed in nice notebook.

    The funny thing is that I am in a sense qualified to comment on home repairs because I spend 40 hours a week at Home Depot for the last 20 years. Don't you think a seller would find my insights a big plus...nope  "because you are part time"

  • "I have myself run into Affiliate Brokers who absolutely had me banging my head up against a wall. In fact, one time, after talking with an Affiliate Broker with another company, I was so exhausted, so battered by stupidity; I thought I was trying to corral cats." 

    OMG LOL LOL LOL  I know this feeling so well!!!

    For the record I myself would rather corral the cats.

    Great points and very true.


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