What Can Agents Learn From Diamond Ads?

4359164215?profile=originalWith the Holiday season upon us, the television is saturated with diamond ads. 

The diamond industry are masterful marketers. Think about it. Who would spend thousands of dollars on a little rock that comes from the earth, and a rock that is actually pretty abundant?

The answer is no one. The answer lies not in the gemological properties of the rock, but what that rock conveys.

What would be a better way to sell diamonds?

"This ring features a 1.4 carat, pear-shaped cut white diamond with a SI1 clarity grade and an H color rating." Unless your a gemologist, this ad is pure gibberish. Compare that ad to this:

"Imagine that special evening when you gently slide this on your finger and stare intensely into her eyes. She peers at this symbol of your devotion, the promise of your future together, and tears begin to glisten. An adoring smile spreads across her face, and at that moment your love is sealed forever." Which is a better way to sell diamonds?

Benefits are the language of emotion. Features are the language of logic. As world renowned sales trainer Zig Ziglar explains, "People buy on emotion and justify it with logic."

For a distressed homeowner to work with you, they must first like you and trust you and so intellectual features will not win them over.

"We've helped 28 clients this month avoid foreclosure" is a feature, not a benefit. "We're a member of the Better Business Bureau" is another intellectual feature that will not compel troubled homeowners to work with you. Are you a Certified Distressed Property Expert or have another four-letter acronym that gives you special training to resolve problems with real estate loans? That's great, but the distressed borrower won't initially care. They will make their decision to work with you based on emotion, and justify it with your credentials later.

Some examples of benefits might be, "Get a good nights sleep for the first time in six months".... "Move on to build better memories".... "Relieve the uncertainty"... "Help your family".... "Save your credit"... "Return to the normalcy of your day to day affairs"... "Stop the harassing phone calls",  "Keep your children in the same school", etc.

When putting your message out to distressed borrowers late on their mortgage payment, it's important to know that it's not about you, or your realty, or even your expertise. It's about the troubled homeowner that needs your help. How you will help them solve their problem, make their lives better and most of all, how you will make them feel good.

How many distressed homeowners in your area need the help of a short sale expert? Request a count and we can tell you, by zip code, how many borrowers are being reported as 30, 60, 90 or 120+ days late on their payment. 

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