TREO International Are they legit?

I recently received this solication.  Does anyone have any experience receiving listings from TREO?




For more than three decades, TREO International has provided consistent management and disposition solutions for a client base of over 75 regulated financial institutions, government agencies and mortgage insurance companies, in addition to private investors. By excelling through many up and down economic cycles, we are known as a credible player in the Default and Real Estate Industries. 

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  • I been getting assignments from TREO since 2010 and listed/sold over 40 properties for them this far. “They used to be in ”

     A quick story with them: In 2013 I got a call on a Saturday they needed me to evaluated 50 properties for a pool they were bidding on Tuesday. It was a bit challenging but we got them all inspected and evaluated by Tuesday 12pm. Long story short, They won the bit and I got the listings! I been overseen the repairs of some of the ones they decided to rehab,  sold many as is, this far sold 13 of those 50. Some got loan modifications and still working on the rest.

    TREO is very loyal to the agents that pick up the phone and handle those evaluations. Love working with them. I get exited every time I see TREO in my inbox or in my caller ID.

  • Catherine, try Mike Crete <>, Bambi White, or DeAnn Clark

  • I sent 2 emails to Deann and Linda Gaskill.  I asked the status of my profile AFTER i paid the fee some time ago.  I have sent 2 emails and I have not received any responses???????

    Gee is they are legit then why don't they reply to my email???

  • I requested to be taken off their database years ago but i still get emails from them. They wanted to get free BPOs in exchange for listings. The listings they assigned were low end POS with all kinds of violations, liens, etc, etc, ect. They request listing agent to do all leg work with city, county, clearing up liens, paying late fees, etc in exchange for reduced commission and additional kick back. So at the end you get about 1.5% for 300 hours of work on crappy property. I refused to accept these listings and will not do any business with this company.

  • I say dont waste your time, recently they sent out a blast email wanting agents to do a desktop BPO...

    Hi Eugene Lindsey,

    You have been selected to complete a Verbal Valuation (commonly known by agents as a Desktop BPO) on the below captioned property.  The entire process needs to be completed on our website, and the completion due date is 24 hours from receipt of this email.Please accept or reject within 1 hour of this invitation being sent.(Please note, this invitation has been sent to more than one agent and will be assigned on a first accept basis.)   

    Though verbal valuations offer no compensation, when/if our client obtains the property and decides to list it then you will be assigned the listing.

    We are not requiring an inspection or photos. (Complete Instructions shown below; the Verbal takes approx. 5 minutes to complete). We only ask that you be aggressive in your valuation to focus on a “30 Day As Is” sales price, and to derive your value from REOs as comps (to the best of your ability). Most agents have been obtaining their information from either the MLS or property tax websites

    I completed this, then saw the property listed by another agent, using my valuation. I have tried calling and emailing them. I have never gotten a response. This was about 2 months ago. 

    Welcome to TREO Networks
  • I just completed my first for TREO in San Diego today.  Will let you know if I get paid.

  • I signed up but only under their basic free membership.  I have heard much about them to trust them at this point.

  • Very good company, I know the CEO (Deann), she is very honest and trustworthy! They have treated me well in the recent past.  I recommend the company and the support staff, thumbs up!

  • I paid their fee and have not received one single order or assignment.  They told me when I signed up there were no premier agents in my area, yet not one assignment???? 

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