To Brag or Not To Brag

First off, let's all agree that at some point in some random conversation with some random person, we have all done it. We have all bragged about our success but, to be arrogant and bragging....well, it's stomach turning.


I just got off the phone with a local agent who wanted to know the status of one of my short sale listings. Well, if you are an avid reader of my blogs, you know....i don't play that game so, I asked her specifically what she would like to know.


Instead of asking me a question she proceeds to tell me how she doesn't like showing Bank of America short sale listings. Because I didn't hear any question in her statement, this strange awkward silence fell onto the conversation like a lead balloon and then she pipes up and ask, "are you still there?"


I replied, "yes, I was waiting for your question." Ok.....maybe it was a smart ass response but, I knew what she was wanting to know and, to be honest, I didn't and will not provide that information so, unless you specifically ask, I am not going to volunteer it. Anyways, she asked, "Is this with Bank of America". I honestly replied with a "I don't know" because at that specific time, I didn't. You see, I have over 25 listings currently, all in different stages of sale and it's not practical or even within my ability to know details on every single file just off the top of my head.....that's why I have files.


So, she huffed...just like a little girl who has been told she can't have another cookie from the cookie jar...she actually huffed, I heard her huff. Well, this action on her part almost caused me to go into a death spiral of laughter but, I held back...with a tear in my eye, it was hilarious.


She then asked me how it was possible that I didn't know. Ok.....well, the thought crossed my brow like a news ticker in times square, "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" but, I didn't say that because, I am sooo above that...right?


Anyways, I answered her question, "I have 25 listings at the moment and my buyer's team is handling over 100 leads so, for me to keep track of every file off the top of my head isn't practical." Yes, I was a bit snobby when I replied but, who the hell does she think she is to ask such a question?


She then replies with an arrogant and condescending, "Well that must be nice?" Not sure if that was a statement or a question, I replied, "It is."


After this point, her tone changed and she started talking in some weird alien language that i couldn't understand. It's that same tone your mother or wife uses when they are just about to hit their stride with nagging you about everything you didn't get done over the weekend. Women, just a word of advice, when working or dealing with a man, if you manage to hit that magical, nerve wrecking, skin crawling, hateful thought evoking tone, we men....even us "non-traditional" men.....SHUT DOWN! At that point, nothing you say is being heard or even understood so, go...take a nape, wax your upper lip, shave your whatever it is you do and then come back when you can talk more reasonably. Just a thought.


Now, I can't really recall what she was saying but, I did hear some key words. They were,"don't like Bank of America, takes too long, my clients don't have a year to wait" so, i got the idea and I interrupted her and informed her that even if the property was with Bank of America, with Equator and the new style of customer service in Bank of America's Short Sale Department, no reason why we couldn't get a deal done in 60 days or even less.


She then seems to have ignored everything I said, I guess women have a tone threshold as well, and started telling me that she knows all about Equator and that Bank of America called her once to offer her to be a agent for them and she turned them down.


Ok, for those of you REO agents who are experienced...or maybe not even ever sold a REO, if Bank of America calls you to offer you a job to list their assets and you turn them down either you are an absolute fool or you are just an absolute idiot.


At this point, I knew this woman had no clue, she just wanted to waste my time with her stories of how she knows all about short sales and I realized that she had no clue who she was talking to.


Yes, I had to brag a bit at the end....did you catch that?


Stay Safe, Stay Funny and don't forget to be Fabuloustastic!

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  • Hi John,


    Unlike you, I am not so quick to say Equator is the "bomb" but, it's not bad. It could be better but, time will make that happen.

  • You just reminded me that I have a questionaire to fill out from a closed Bank of America Short Sale Listing!  B of A in my latest experiences has done an amazing job of tracking short sales and communicating.  It was a true pleasure working with the negotiator and closing officer.  Equator also rocks and I wish all lenders/servicers used it.
  • HILARIOUS!!  Imagine having 100+ short sale listings and being completely 100% hands off.  I avoid speaking with ANY agent like the plague.  Heck, most of the active ones know better not to call demanding to speak to me as the listing agent anymore.  When they manage to get their way through to me somehow, I just let them know that hey probably shouldn't have demanded speaking with me, as the person who answered the phone could have answered their "questions", let me put you back in touch with them!


    It is funny too that Bank of America has improved a good bit, and amazingly agents in our network just voted them #1, yes, #1 in the country to work short sales with.  They just have such a bad reputation that they have worked so many years developing, agents will probably be refusing to deal with them even if by some other miracle they started approving short sales in a few days instead of weeks or months.

  • not to worry about chauvinism, this particular type grates on & turns off other women too. I have come to the conclusion that some agents really don't have enough to do and so it's ok to waste an hour on a totally pointless conversation. One of my personal favorites is the caller for a pending listing who asks 'is it under contract'. Bad temptation to say 'NO, I just like to put all my listings pending to make agents jealous;.
  • Jesse,

    I love it when you make me smile at the end of a long day.

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