Submitting your Broker Price Opinion two hours before the 24, 48, or 72 deadline is very important!! The reason: if the BPO Company/Outsourcer has Quality Control Department has issues with your BPO for accuracy, distances from the subject or whatever the reason may be. If you submit your BPO early, this will give you time to fix any issues and then send it back before the BPO Company flags you for being late!!


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  • Good tip!!

  • Does anyone use a BPO autofill company that they like and could recommend?  I have been using a company that has had a decline in customer service and rise in price in recent years.  I want to take my business else where but want it to be worth the expense and hassle of changing companies. 

  • That's fine if all you do is BPO's and only one or two.  I am lucky to get them back on time sometimes, especially if comps are scarce

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