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  • SmartVal is a product of ATPRInc & SLK Global Solutions America.  

    Due to an increased volume of BPOs, we are adding Brokers / Agents to our database and yes, we have been sending out invitations.  SLK Global Solutions America & ATPRInc commit to paying on time.

    SLK Global Solutions America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent entity SLK Global Solutions. Founded in 2001, SLK Global Solutions delivers comprehensive services, products, and solutions driven by technology for the banking, mortgage and title industry. It has an established footprint in the USA, the Philippines and India.

    SLK’s banking and financial services customers include:

    - Large regional U.S. Banks

    - Large and mid-size U.S. Title Insurance Companies

    - Mid size U.S. Mortgage Services Companies

    - Large Third-Party Payment Processing Companies


    ATPRInc - American Tax & Property Reporting is a leading provider of products and comprehensive solutions related to real estate information.  View our family of products at:

    If you would like additional information or would like to join us, please contact me at:

  • I also am getting emails to sign up. In this time of small amount of BPO's available from reliable companies I have dealt with over the past 31 years why would someone be sending out random emails looking for BPO agents. Something stinks !

  • seem like they have been calling lots of realtors and I have never heard of them, I emailed them and never heard back, not sure if I'm going to do anything with this company , something doesn't seem right, why do they need to call so many realtors ??

  • I never heard of them. Are they new?

  • Broker who are doing BPOs should be carful about getting paid, some of these companies don't pay you and they know you will not go after them as it may cost you more to do so , do your study first before you join

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