Putting Aside Your Emotions When Selling a Home

Because of the large investment needed to purchase a home, sellers often find themselves in a difficult situation.  This inanimate object that they have owned for years and used to develop many memories will suddenly belong to someone else.  This can be a difficult time emotionally for many people.  Here are some ways in which the seller can set aside emotions when selling a home.

Selling Your HomeValues vs. Sentiment

Everyone that tries to sell a home has the same goal in mind; to get the most that the market will bear.  However, this is a difference between asking someone to pay a fair price for a feature of the home as opposed to asking someone to pay a premium for something that is only valuable to you.  The unique door handles, exquisite bathroom fixtures or one-of-a-kind chandelier may hold great meaning for you, but they may simply be accessories to someone else.

Vacate the Home during Showings

When your real estate agent notifies you that they will be showing the home to a proposed buyer, it is best to leave the home for a little while.  Someone that has never seen your home will have a much different opinion on things like the condition of the carpet, placement of furniture and the colors of the home.  Rather than risk hurt feelings or irritation from a buyer nit-picking over small details it is best if you are not there when the buyers arrive.

Give the Real Estate Agent Room and Freedom to Work

The job of your real estate agent can be summed it in one sentence.  They are on a mission to find the one person/family that is serious about purchasing your home.  While your home may be viewed by multiple parties, it only takes one to offer a contract and close the deal.  Give the Realtor® some flexibility in handling offers and let them come to you with news, instead of going to them after every showing and phone call.

Consider the Transaction as Strictly Business

Once a seller has realized that selling their home is merely a financial transaction in the eyes of the buyer the whole process will move along much smoother.  Sellers should not react to comments about the decor or the curb appeal as a personal affront.  The buyer is simply trying to find a way to get the price lower.  This points to a good sign.  If the buyer is trying to negotiate then it means they are interested in buying the home.  The next step is coming to a mutually agreeable price.  Once again, sellers should not take a counter offer as an insult.  Instead, consider the price based on advice from the real estate agent.  Holding out for a higher offer is not always the best tactic.

For many people there is no way to get around the fact that their home has been a cherished possession for a considerable time.  However, detaching one’s self away from the physical building emotionally will help make the transition easier to handle.

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