Managing a Successful Operation

Managing a Successful OperationRather you're a large real estate company or a one person operation; a system must be in place for you to manage your work flow in order to be effective and efficient in real estate today. E-Broker House (EBH) is a system that every office and or agent should not go without.Short-sale transactions and, Bank owned properties dominate the market and are not going away anytime soon, as well as, the rise and need for property management. If you truly want to be effective, organized and on top of your game, not only for your clients, but also for your vendors; this system is worth a Free 30 day trial. After trying it I knew there was no way I was going back to paper. Here are just a few things that E-broker House Has Streamlined for my office.Vendor Management: All of my vendors can be tasked work assignments, and contacted trough the use of EBH.Document Storage: Every property that is listed and sold can be archived on the system and later downloaded to a Flash Drive or CD. (The days of large paper files are over)Contract & File Mgmt: When's the last time that 100% of your agents used a conversation log? With EBH the conversation log is built in for every property and places an automatic date and time stamp of every entry made.Offer Management: For every property listed, offers can be uploaded and stored with in the system for each property by buyers agents. Multiple offers are easy to manage and a counter can be sent out to all agents with one click of a button. Sample Link Below & Annual Commission Reports: I could go on for ever, however we all have limited time these days. Try the system for yourself and let me know what you think. Is your business worth the investment of 29.00 per month for a system that will make you more effective?Regards,Jonathan BurgessCode 3 Realty & Mortgage CorpPresident/CEO
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  • Jose, Agents do not need to sign up with eBrokerHouse to submit offers.

    Also, I have recommend posting our support number for agents to call and we help them through the process. Since the offer submission feature is new we have made many changes and adjustments. The community will eventually all catch on and I have already scene tremendous strides! All in all we have had very few agents that could not get it figured out.

    Thanks for you support Jose and Jon!!
  • I had one agent contact Trevor, and he walked through and then she call me and I walked her through, but at the end she ended up bringing the offer over to my office, and deliver it in person.
  • Jose,

    I know what you mean, about some agents and thier tech difficulties. However those agents are becoming the minority. Its like the agent that still hand writes an offer. I see one of these every once in a far moon. I didn't know the agents had to sign up in order to submit an offer. I do however post important attachements in MLS as well as on the EBH property site.
  • I use ebrokerhouse and it is a great product, it keeps me organize, gives me most of the options that I need, and the customer service is second to none.

    The only problem I have is that for some reason, it is hard for buyer's agents to download the disclosures and disclaimers. and for them to upload the offers. I think part of it is because some are really old fashion and are afraid of technology, or they don't have ability to scan document, etc. or some agents don't want to sign up to be able to submit offers and retrieve docs from the system.

    It might take a while for some agents to get down with technology, but it is something that we can't avoid, And it seems that the future is paperless, so been able to have unlimited storage for documents is great.
  • Hi Jonathan, great info as usual. Hope you are doing well.
  • Good to hear from you again. Let's catch up sometime when our time will allow. I would love to talk to you about my recent Research Project for T A. I sure hope it pays off as, there was a lot of blood sweat and tears put in to the reports my team and I prepared..
  • Jonathan,thanks for your insights, I will check it out.
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