I just finished the prep for this week's REO Master's Network Teleconference. I have to say that it's hard to out-perform someone like Richard Hartel who has over 2 decades of asset management experience, but I think we are going to come close this week.I was listening to all of the REOPRO, Twitter, and ActiveRain users and members over the last couple of weeks when we started receiving feedback from the first call that I was on. Much like many of you, I was also trying to assimilate in my mind what the heck was going on between NFSTI and REOM - but the truth of the matter is that for as many little details that we're still sorting through (mostly future projects and marketing plans for our Network), there are 100 amazing things happening that are making me smile from ear-to-ear. That's why I've been able to just persevere and move forward with 100% conviction.The call this week is at a different time (1 PM PST Thursday July 9). Please call in even if you called in the last couple of weeks (instructions are at the REOM website). We have a new guest, Lauren Galey. She is a loan modification and loan acceleration expert and will be adding that component to our REO Mastery Weekend training. She divulges a lot of great FREE information during this call including:A free downloadable eBook about getting updated on Loan Modification as a RealtorHow to Apply with a reputable Loan Mod company and get referral business (she will also tell you how to get registered and avoid the $150 application fees that usually go along with this business).How to get the "Mortgage Mess Cleanup Kit" for FREEScott McLaine, the CEO of REO Masters Network, is really reaching out to the cream-of-crop right now (as you'll see from the call, he's really wearing his thoughts and plans on his sleeve). Also, I just received word that I am going to be able to give each attendee at the REO Mastery Weekend a copy of a hot-off-the-press publication called, "The Big Four Manual". This book teaches you how to become an approved REO agent with the Big Four Servicers (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Citi) and their outsourcers. At this time this book is ONLY for our State and Executive members and will be for sale later in the month with the original author for a fee (which I don't know how much that will be). I'm reading it right now and it's short, sweet, and awesome!Hope to see (hear) you there~Sincerely,Dan WatermanCEONFSTIREO Masters Network
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  • Thanks Dan!
  • By the way, ignore the "Register Now" button....it actually is a link that plays the recorded teleconference.
  • Steve, here is the link to all of our past recordings. There is very valuable information in each:

  • Dan, will there be a recording of the conference call available to download? I'm committed all day but would like to listen to the call.
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