I Am So “explicative” Over It!

I Am So “explicative” Over It!

I am sick of agent calling me to ask, “Will your property 666 Money Pitt Ln, you know, the one with busted pipes, will that go FHA?”

I am so flabbergasted at the question that I can’t figure out a creative yet, flagrant way to respond without coming off hostile or sarcastic.

When I am not sick of these agents calling me with these kinds of questions, I am tired of having to deal with agents who are too lazy to do their own research or at least, have a working knowledge of your profession.  If you are going to be an agent, work with buyers, you might want to have some kind of knowledge of lending products….just saying.

So, in other words, I am sick and tired of these lazy agents….I am. I have been in this business for 9 years, my 10 year anniversary comes up this September and in that 10 years, I can honestly say I have only met a handful of agents who seem to get it. It’s truly sad that our industry is comprised of so many who don’t see our industry as a profession….filled with professionals.

For goodness sake people, what other profession can you tell me that helps consumers make the biggest financial decision of their lives? Now….when you come up with some of those professions, stop and ask yourself, do those professional industries have the same amount of nincompoops in their profession?

Maybe I am just venting…maybe I have just leapt off the wall of reason, two feet into pure insanity but, I am just so done with idiot agents. I am…..I am over it.

Another example, last week, I had an agent ask me, “What should I tell my client?” I almost flipped out. I really almost had a Jeff Lewis flipping out moment. It took everything in my strength not to go off on this agent. I took about 3 seconds, centered myself, and replied, “You tell them the truth, exactly what happened.” She just couldn’t come to terms with it….”the truth”…she said, I said, “Yes”….and her reply was, “I could lose her as a client.” At this point, I wasn’t able to contain myself so, I just got quiet…didn’t say a word….an awkward silence fell on the phone call and after about 8 seconds or so, she just hung up on me.

Our profession is filled with less than professional people. Somewhere down the line, we got caught up and have somehow confused the definitions of Professional and Professionalism. What I mean is, some people think it’s not professional to tell another agent to do the right thing. In both these situations above, I got calls from Managing Broker who thought they were being nice to call me and tell me their agent wasn’t happy with me or that I cost them business. …..ooohh….Let’s just say, don’t call me to complain about me when the just of your complaint is, “Well, maybe you could have been nicer”.

I am not in the business of being nice. As a colleague, I will provide you professional service, I will provide you with quality customer service and that includes telling you when you are wrong. That include telling you, plainly, simply, without ambiguity what needs to happen. If that hurts your feelings, if the truth causes you some compulsion to cry or run to your Broker with a complaint…..well, go and talk with Judge Judy or Gordon Ramsay and see what they would say.

Now, at times….I will admit, my patience is thin and the day has been long and hard so, I can be less than my chipper, over the top friendly self however, I will go out of my way to help you. People who know me, know this to be true…I will help you but, I can’t fix stupid.

So….what do you need to know about me.

  1. I can’t fix stupid: If you are suppose to know something as a professional…..you better know it.

  2. I can’t work with liars: If I smell a lie….I will find it and in and…yes, I will be pissed so, don’t expect any empathy from me.

  3. I will not do your job: If I am not your Broker, don’t expect me to do your job. If I am your Broker, I hired you because; you know how to do your job.

  4. Be accountable: Don’t be afraid of accountability, you won’t grow and become a better person without it.

  5. Keep open to learning: None of us know it all, even I learn new stuff every day but, if you shut down to learning, if you shut your mind down to instruction, I have no time for you.

Agents / Realtors, let’s be professionals, let’s hold each other accountable, let’s stop doing others jobs and create an environment of honest discussion, free flow of ideas and most importantly, an environment where don’t have to worry about hurting feelings when truth is spoken. Sometimes the truth hurts…it just does.

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  • I bet you are in Florida...lol

  • OK we have heard this for a month now, Get over it and move on...it is old news....Just ignore these uninformed agents and do your business













  • OMG !! What a relief !! I thought it was just me. Jesse hit the nail on the head. It is simply amazing how many agents don't have a clue about the business they are in. And yes they are lazy... you want to earn your commission? Get out there and do your job and earn it. In fact in most cases the buyers agent will get a higher commission than the listing agent !! These agents can provide themselves a quick education as well as their buyers if they simply go out and show/visit some of these $75K and less homes and get the answers themselves.

    Busy REO agents don't answer their phones for several reasons 1) we're too busy doing the many continual tasks required on these homes. 2) If you go to the home you'll know exactly what we know about it. 3) We are busy selling not teaching.

    Someone is going to chime in and say we're uncooperative, selfish and greedy. I'm sorry but it not our job to help or assist someone else make money. Earn it just like we do, if you don't have the time to do so send us your buyers we'll be happy to work with them....

  • Just to throw salt on a wound.

    Is 666 Money Pitt Ln in move in ready condition? If not, will the seller pay for any repairs to make it move in ready?

    I have a listing that in the listing says that the structure on the property is of no value and that the property is being sold for land value only. I get 2 to 3 calls a week from agents asking why the home is being sold so cheap or can the buyer live in the home and do repairs or will the seller pay for repairs or will the seller take less and finance the rest so the buyer can fix the house. This also tells me that the agent hasn't shown their client the property because had they seen the property they would know that the mobile home is damaged beyond repair and should be removed. 

  • Your #1 and  #3 are my peeves for this  week.  I was asked  - 

    "What is proof of funds"?  

    Has any one done an inspection?   

    There is a blue tarp in the roof and I am asked - "Does the roof leak"?

    The house is listed for Cash only under $40K  -

    Will the Seller pay for  Termite, Survey and Home Warranty?

  • I can understand Jessie's complaint, as I have many of times came across agents that don't know anything about anything or they simply can't remember what they've read in the text books when they got licensed!  One on the big problems is FAVORIZIM IN THE WORK PLACE.  Too many brokers just handing over assignments to agents that are relatives or real close friends or those agents willing to do special favors at no costs for the broker to give them favor (YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE) such as INHOUSE LEARNING COMMITTIES OR BETTER YET HOW ABOUT THIS...FREE DJ SERVICING AT COMPANY PARTIES... It's wrong and unethical for those agents who really keep learning and busting their "A" as well as the cost to keep up the education and don't get the listings?  I know some may not agree with me on this, but I have always believed there should never be dual agent commissions allowed. There should only be the listing and a different buyers agent to keep things legal and ethical and their should never be inhouse servicers like mortgage and escrow companies (too easy to hide mistakes and again favor).  Too many agents not submitting offers as they should and holding on to them until they manage to get their own client to submit their offer and lie to their seller that no offers are coming in. The asset vendor managers should make sure that agents are always submitting offers from outside brokerages every week (at least 1 or 2 a week) during the listing period or they will not get an extension when time comes.  My theory, if the agent suggest the home list price and honestly has it on the MLS,... then there should be many offers from different agent offices (usually happens in the first 2-3 weeks of public marketing).  This is the REAL AND ONLY WAY TO BE HONEST TO SELLERS AND BUYERS!  Hiding potential homes from a buyer and hiding potential sales from a seller because it is not your listing SIMPLY UNETHICAL.  Unfortunately, many agents are unethical to their sellers/buyers and won't tell the truth.  Those kinds of agents we don't need in our profession because they give the R.E. industry a bad reputation like dishonest car salesmen. Not all agents want to here this, but again I with agree with Jessie, sometimes the truth hurts, but only with those that have a conscience...

  • In my area (Fort Wayne, IN) the REO agents are pretty good. Some of the busiest answer their (cell) phones.

    Our job is demanding, but we do it well. Might depend as usual on location. I put 10 to 20 photos on every listing.

  • Barbara

    If you really do the things you say then I commend you for it.  Unfortunately you would be an exception rather than the norm.  I don't bother asking REO agents if they have offers because most of them do not know.  Go to "homepath.com, homesteps.com, hud.gov, hubzu, tazahomes, etc and check" is the answer I am likely to get.  And just to let you know, active does not always equal available.  "Yeah, the investor just accepted an offer and I have not had time to update the MLS yet"  Ask any buyers agent if they ever heard that before.  Obviously if an REO agent does not have time to answer a phone call then surely they can't keep the MLS updated.

    You say do my job and go look at the house.  If you don't have time to answer a phone then I don't have time to drive around showing houses that may not be available or meet certain loan program requirements.

    I also prefer communicating by email since it serves as a record of communication.  However, if I am working with a buyer and trying to put together a list of homes to see I can't wait days for an email reply.  Many times I don't even get a reply.  I just pass them by and won't waste my or my buyers time.

    Apparently there are many clients that mandate a minimum of one photo.  Also apparent is that many agents feel that the minimum would not be the minimum if the minimum was not good enough.  Hence one photo of the front.  Go ahead and look for yourself.

    To be fair, I will admit that I get questions on my own listings about things I feel are self evident.  However, to ignore those calls or to berate the caller is a missed opportunity to engage in a dialog that may lead to a sale for my seller. 

    One thing the original poster said is true.  "let’s hold each other accountable, let’s stop doing others jobs and create an environment of honest discussion, free flow of ideas".  Unfortunately calling other agents stupid and lazy does little to foster a spirit of cooperation and the free flow of ideas among professionals.

  • Lucien:

    That's precisely why my calls are screened AS an REO agent. I get, and I'm not exaggerating, 20 calls a day - "do you have offers, can you tell me what the highest one is" or "why can't it go FHA" and my team is SO good about posting in the LOSO comments  if we have a contract and are waiting on paperwork but agents don't read this NOR do they read the financing.  I get countless offers with FHA financing when the MLS clearly states NO FHA or Renovation loan/FHA 203K only.  My preferred communication method is email because it is impossible to return 35 calls by noon when half of them are about "do you have offers" or requesting an explanation why no FHA - do your job, go take your client to look at it.  ACTIVE = AVAILABLE - and that is in the best interest of my client.  I disclose material facts and my clients MANDATE the minimum number of photos as do most REO clients and we have to provide the MLS sheet.  Also with your disclosure comment, you can put so many words in the MLS, we don't attach ANY disclosures unless the client dictates or we know a material fact. When we put Renovation Financing ONLY...that should be your first clue.  I think it is up to the buyer and their agent to view the property and then decide for themselves if they want to write an offer (and frankly, this is true of ALL properties).  I also have to teach classes for one of my clients and 1-2 agents ever show up for education.  In this industry education is constant - and by the way - HUD homes have a PCR and it always amazes me how many people submit a Conventional Financing Loan on a home you cannot turn water on....that's written right there in the PCR - WATER CANNOT be turned on - well...then...no conventional financing. Agents are not contractors, we know somewhat what suspected issues may be like "plumbing won't hold pressure" if the toilet is missing, that could be why but there may be other things....we don't know. Also, we are NOT to receive buyer inspection reports- every MASTER Listing Agreement I have states this.  Often times, we know the obvious (toilet is missing, water heater) and nothing else.  Go look at the house.

  • Full disclosure.  I am not an REO agent and do not list REO properties.  However, as much as I would like to, I just can't avoid dealing with them since REO's continue to make up a significant portion of available inventory.  I read some of the comments here and can't believe some of this stuff.  The first thing I have trouble with is that REO agents actually answer their phone.  That's unbelievable by itself. On the rare occasion that I actually get though and speak to one I feel so lucky that I run out and buy a lottery ticket.   Another thing that bothers me is calling a buyers agent lazy because the listing agent failed to provide enough information about their listing.  If it has busted pipes, no wiring, water heater, etc then why not says so.  If there are problems with the home why not put pictures of the damaged areas and market the home as cash or rehab loans only?  Many of the REO listings I find have bare bones info and one picture of the front of the house.  Now who's being lazy?  If an agent is working with a buyer intending to use a certain loan program should they not screen out the homes that won't meet their buyers needs?  If the REO agent is too lazy to indicate possible financing options and information about the home should the buyers agent just assume it won't qualify and pass it up?  Do REO agents really want that?  I will only show REO listings as a last resort and will explain in detail the difficulties, added costs, and disadvantages of REO's to my buyers.  If REO agents don't want to get calls from stupid lazy buyers agents then put enough information out there and you will find that you may get fewer calls with questions you don't want to answer.  Sometimes the truth hurts....it just does.

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