That is the basic premise we discussed on David Patterson's, radio show last weekend. His summary says, "This week's Expert Guest on The David Patterson Radio Show was ActiveRain Veteran, Author & CA Broker Regina P. Brown. Her passion is helping families create a legacy through financial education. She offers real estate seminars and private buyer consultations. During this podcast, Regina discussed..."How to Evaluate a Good Neighborhood when Buying a House"It's important to choose the highest quality neighborhood when buying a house. It's not only good for you and your family, but you will realize the highest increase of appreciation. In other words, your property value will rise faster in a better neighborhood." - Regina P. Brown, San Luis Obispo, CAHome buyers don't buy HOUSES. They buy NEIGHBORHOODS. In fact, neighborhoods are more important than individual houses. If you have a house for sale, and a prospective buyer drives down your street, and feels uncomfortable with the neighborhood atmosphere, they will keep driving. They won't even want to view the inside.Curb appeal does not apply only to 1 specific house. Think about it, what if you have a perfectly painted house and a neatly manicured lawn, but your next-door neighbor has a junkyard in his driveway that looks like Sanford & Son? That makes your house less desirable. So curb appeal applies to the entire street, and even the neighborhood.Have you ever looked at a photo of house on and it looks fabulous? And you think to yourself, WOW! What a great price for that top quality house, I've got to check out this great bargain. So you hop in your car and drive over to the house to view the outside. But when you drive down the street, you see abandoned houses, boarded-up windows, paint peeling, weeds 2 feet high, rusty cars without wheels in someone's driveway, ripped up furniture on porches... and then you understand why this otherwise nice house is priced so low. Because its value is influenced by the entire neighborhood's pride of ownership (or lack thereof).Listen to PART 1 of the radio show: to PART 2 of the radio show: On each page, scroll down to the section that says "Listen Now" and press the forward button. Okay, I know that I sound a little bit cheesy but it's all in good fun, right!ENJOY!Visit The David Patterson Show Blog to find out more about the RADIO show, live every Sunday mid-day. Or if you have a great topic, David is always looking for new guests on his weekly show!Regina P. BrownBroker, Realtor®, e-ProAuthor of eBook "Stop Foreclosure Fast: Solutions to Save your House"Author of forthcoming book, "Virtual Office Guide for Business Professionals: Work & Profit from Home"Join my NEW group for professionals who work from their home office at copyright © 2009 R.P. Brown, All Rights Reserved
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