Funniest Thing That Happened While Showing Homes

So much time I've spent in writing about non paying asset companies, that I decided this would be a fun blog.

Briefly tell of the funniest thing that ever happened to you while showing a house.

Years ago, I had a listing and had a client call to look at homes.  So in those days I took them everywhere.  They weren't interested in driving themselves like so many do today.  A young woman and her two children, one of them a baby about a year old and a younger child came with me in my car.

One of the houses was empty and the client said she wanted to get something to drink at the store almost next door and would I hold the baby while she went.  I said sure and she walked the short distance to the store while I sat outside on the porch stoop.   Not soon after she left and her baby found out his Mommy was gone, he started crying.  I couldn't calm him down and then the worst of it came.

He had on paper diapers that weren't that tight and he peed all over me.  That topped it off, getting peed on.  She returned shortly and was apologetic and I took it all in good stride.  I can't remember if I made a sale or not that day, it was about 30 years ago, but never forget the baby's attitude towards me.  

That's just one funny event, how about yours?

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