Thanks for all of your responses about Evaluation Solutions not paying for BPO jobs you have completed. It looks like that this company has been doing this to all for a long time. I need more testimonials of your experiences with this company so i can forward to the attorney generals office. we are going to look into class action so you would be invited to participate. please send me everything you have and don't hold back! thx
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  • After several months I took the advise of another agent's posting and threatened putting a lien on the properties.  Got 2 emails right away saying my check will be send this friday.  Time will tell.  

  • Just copy and paste the below into your emails and don't forget to add your own contacts from evalonline. This will work to get paid you just have to be annoying. Good luck to you all. I got paid but will never do another BPO for them.

    Vendor Inquiry <>,, Katrina Nelmes <>, Christopher Nugent <>,,,,,,

  • Tanya, one more thing, can you provide me with the accounting dept.'s email address? No one has ever given it to me. Thanks.

  • Tanya, Love the idea of cc'ing everyone you spoke to. I will do that next. Today I filed a complaint with the attorney general and emailed Lorie Carter from one of the previous posts to this group. I will not give up.

  • I eventually did get paid in full. I sent emails every other day to the company. I included every person who ever sent me an email for a BPO order and to the accounting dept. Finally they paid me. Took about two months, but I was paid.

  • Following up on my previous post. After sending Emails to a few upper management types, I received the $200 they owed me. For months all inquires to low and mid level personal did nothing.  As with so many things these days I just kept escalating until I "hit" the right person.  Needless to say I will not do business with them in the future.

  • Thank you Brian, I will make a complaint to the Attorney General today.

  • Please complain to the florida attorney generals office and the FBI internet fraud complaint division. Keep on filing complaints. Evaluation Solutions does not care.  Try to find a class action attorney in florida that is interested in the case. there must be 100's of realtors that have been defrauded so a class action suit could wipe them out, which is needed!. KEEP ON COMPLAINING AND LET AGENTS KNOW NOT TO WORK FOR THEM.

  • I finally got $100. from them after filling a complaint with the Florida AG but they still owe me $755.00 going back to January 2011.

  • Hi All, I am new to this group. I found you because I typed the words "Evaluation Solutions Scam" into Google and whalaa! an entire group of agents who have been swindled out of their hardwork and time for no pay. Yes, I was a fool and completed 30 BPOs for them in 4 months' time, and haven't been paid for a single one of them. When I finally lost my cool with one of their "representatives" and told her that I would not be completing the BPO they asked me to do the day before because no one would respond to my "payment inquiries"- she told me it wasn't right for me to "drop the ball" on them! Caretta McCrackin was that representatives name and I certainly have a crack I would like to give her! So what do I do next? They owe me over $1000. Any suggestions?

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