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  • Even though I never got a BPO from them, they are reminding me to update my E&O so I at least know I'm still in their database. 😁
  • I think they found me on Exceleras as I recall. They sent me an e-mail that had a link to sign up on their platform in order to complete the BPO. The house was in GOOD condition, in a nice neighborhood, not trashed out from the exterior view at all.
  • Any idea how they found you? Their website doesn't have an application form. Looks like I tried to contact them before but their contact form is not working.
  • what is the site for estreet,,I was an agent for them years ago and would like to start doing them again in my area. Thanks
  • UPDATE: they paid in just a few weeks! I was amazed. Very fast. I had some difficulty with the form. 1. I was looking for additional picture tabs, finally found them. Each tab has room for 3 photos on it. I loaded in 10 of them since this was an interior to start, then found that it had room for 3 on each tab, so that was good. When I got to the signature tab this is where I had trouble. It would NOT take the password! YIKES. I called Tech Support, he said do not put the password in and continue without it, WHAM, it took and I was able to submit the form.
  • estreet is great. They pay more too but the bpo forms aren't exactly the smoothest in the fleet...
  • Randy, THANK you so much for the info. I did hesitate with all the scams about these days, but when they did not ask for $$ upfront, I thought I was good. They also called me and increased my fee figures which was nice.
    • Where do I sign up for Estreet?
  • I also received a call and email from eStreet. Signing up!
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