Does any one have a clue where the CALIFORNIA BANK OWNED properties went?I have only seen a decrease in inventory that the banks released.It has been 12 days with fewer and fewer homes on the market.This is from South Bay. I am sure East or Peninsula are experiencing similar trend.9/28 116 REO 293 SS total:(sfh 4 sale) is 1,0349/25 119 REO 309 SS 90 day moratorium defrost8/16 136 REO 358 SS6/16 345 REO 863 SS 90 day moratorium froze total:1,8336/8 369 REO 979 SS4/20 298 REO 798 SS3/31 ? ? total: 2,732The only thing I can think of is the bank owned properties were sold in BULK to big investors?Any one care to add his comments?NO SPECULATION PLEASE. Just give the facts.
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