Hey guys....Anyone out there working with this company and have any feedback? I have been working with them for a few months and they just recently announced that commissions for the Fannie Mae listings were being cut to 2% on the listing side. When you factor in paying utilities, rekeys, inspections etc and the fact that they do not reimburse in a timely manner I am starting to think maybe they are the one's in trouble.....Any info from you guys would be helpful! Great site by the way!

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  • contact me on harrison, for more info

  • They are punishing the listing agents in favor of the buyer agents.  We are constantly eating the cost of: billing on iClear and LPS, the cost of being a member of portals like DIspo, Equator, and iAgent, the cost of ordering water bills, tax bills, city inspections, weekly drive-by inspections, replacing lock boxes, keys, meeting inspectors, utility companies.  Buyer agents not only get the selling bonuses, but also the higher commission with none of the liabilities.  Its going to be a matter of which REO agents survive this down turn in listing inventory, manner in Metro Detroit are completely out of active listing inventory and the banks are in no hurry to assign listings.  The banks have been coming up with every excuse not to list in a timely manner, not to accept offers, not to close fast, not to disperse the files fast.  I've never seen so many delays, not changing statuses from PPE/EVICT to Valuation, or premarketing, lost deeds, missing closing docs.

  • I also worked with them, in the past. No complaints.Nothing recently.
  • fannie has cut all listing agents commissions to 2% with all AMP's. i have had notices from several AMP's.
  • I was just informed that Freddie is doing the same.
  • Have not worked with them recently but but for the year or two I did they were great. No complaints at all.
  • Worked with them a year problems good communication. Nothing recent.
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