Budget, budget, who's got the budget???

Every year at this time I have to sit down and think about what to spend my REO budget on again. RES.Net & reotrans (now equator) are always at the top of my list but there are TONS of other sites and some look good but I don't have enough feedback to make an informed decision. Others looked good last year but didn't make the cut in production. Many are affiliates (read: owned by) the banks, asset managers & other interrelated companies and others lead to bpo business only and nary an REO in sight. What to do?? It's easy to spend a fortune and our budgets need to be targeted to produce results.I'd love to hear what the rest of you are budgeting for this year and what companies are producing the best results. I haven't tried Lamco before and would like to hear from anyone who is with them. They've been at it a long time and have just come out with a new platform that is supposed to be good.Happy Closings in 2010 :)
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  • Beth
    Thanks for the input, you make some very good points. Especially about looking up the ams on Facebook and Linked in. I use those mostly for feedback on platforms & companies now. It's always good to network. ;)
  • I'm budgeting for a Big Bottle of Jack Daniels. LOL Not really! As always, Res.Net and Equator will be on my list. I will continue to send cards to the asset managers and try to solicit a new follower throughout the year. I don't want a ton of them. But 10 different asset managers would be good. I have three that I take very good care of right now, and the others I have are sporadic and I know are testing the waters, but finding what platforms they like best is helpful in me deciding if I want to work with them or not. I have found it is best to be choosy when dealing with these listings as some are just plain unrealistic. But budgeting for networking with asset managers is my key expense this year. I don't mean partying or going to the ever popular conferances, but I mean sending a meaningful note to them, finding out what their likes/dislikes are, searching for them and reading up on them on facebook and linked in so that I can quickly ascertain what will be of the most help to them. I think that will pay off lots more than getting on all these lists that every Tom, Dick and Harry are promoting. Budget in time for your online networking and if you don't have time to do it, budget in for a techie person to help you. I have a 7 year old grandson I'll rent out. LOL
    Good luck and I pray a Prosperous New Year for you and all of us!!
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