As blogged by Peter Christensen on Sunday December 8, 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed against and First Valuation LLC, First Valuation Services LLC and First Valuation Technology LLC for not having "true corporate separateness in their operation". Firms taking place in this suit are from Florida, Washington and Colorado  however, they were not named specifically.

The plaintiff is a real estate agent, Kathy Wornicki from Florida. She claims that she is owed about $880.00 for BPO work she performed in 2012 and 2013. Apparently she claims that the defendants breached their contract by not paying her on time. She is going further and claiming that not only have the plaintiffs not paid her but thousands of other agents across the country.


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esse was originally licensed in September 2005. He started his career right as the real estate industry saw it’s worse collapse since the Great Depression. As a result, Jesse sought out opportunities to work directly with banks, focusing his career liquidating foreclosed homes. He worked with some of the country’s largest lenders, asset management companies and quasi government supported entities. This highly competitive field introduced Jesse to an intense time of development where he received top notch education direct from national policy makers, government entities, multi million dollar portfolio managers and many others. Jesse became very successful working with banks however, something seemed to be missing.

As a direct result of listing and selling foreclosed homes, Jesse found that his career could also turn into a passion. He believed he could naturally transition his business from selling foreclosed homes to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure all together. His experience and knowledge working with banks gave him invaluable insight on what homeowners could do to avoid foreclosure. More importantly his experience would give his clients an edge when working with their banks to prevent foreclosure, keep their home, or if necessary sale their home.

Jesse has built a career working with some of the hardest real estate transactions known. He has worked with homeowners who are facing seemingly insurmountable odds, negotiating with lenders who don’t see homeowners as nothing more than just a number. Where others would have thrown in the towel and given up, Jesse has persevered and proven to his clients he cares. He has managed millions of dollars in real estate at any one time and worked with over 30 different lenders and banks both directly and indirectly.

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  • Does anyone have the information to join in the class action suit against Broker Pric3 Opinion?

  • What do you have to do to get Involed with the class action law suite for Broker Price Opinion.

  • I received lots of $20 exteriors from BrokerPriceOpninon and they were worth it as they were 4 photos and quick form (assuming you dont take orders over 5 miles away) However I was NEVER paid 1 cent. I would call and they would say payment will be sent, then they said it was sent then they just stopped returning calls.

    I am in a small market and I personally knew a bunch of the owners of the homes I was to do BPO's for. Most said they were refinancing with Harris Bank. I also know the loan officer at the local Harris branch and she told me they are all people who are refinancing and only have small loan amounts so appraisals are not needed only BPO's . I told her I have never been paid and she said she will look into it. Called me back and said Harris uses a 3rd party company to do BPO and it is not so there 3rd party is farming it out to  So I do the BPO give it to who sells the report to a 3rd party who sells it to Harris Bank. everyone gets paid except me........good stuff.  In the end I accepted a bunch of BPOs and never did them as that I felt was my only recourse.

  • I called a MR. Pool and told him to pay or I would turn it over to a collection agency, file a suit, and harass him to no end.

  • Does anybody know if you can file in small claims court locally for BPO's not paid?

  • Finally got pay half of what is owed to me. Won't do any more - FOR SURE

  • Anyone know how to get on the list for for the class action lawsuit?  I emailed the plaintiff and the law firm with no answer.  They owe me $600.00

  • They also have not paid me for one bpo I did back in 2011.

  • I am out payment as well. My "support ticket" from July was never worked and my login to the support portal to check status doesn't work and won't reset....and of course subsequent emails to customer service have funny language like this:

    "I forwarded your email concern to the appropriate person about this. I do not work in accounting I am in the call center and accounting is not anything I have access to.



  • Accept the orders and then just wait for them to call once the due date has passed, then at least you can speak to someone and give them a piece of your mind!!


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