, a First Valuation Company

Did 2 rush BPO's for this Company in the most dangerous area in South Florida and haven't been paid.  It's been almost a year for the first BPO and it's been  8 months for the other. Anyone else have that problem with this Company (, a First Valuation Company)?? They keep blaming it on accounting.  Anyone have any suggestions other than not doing anymore BPO'S for them (which I did stop after 2nd BPO)??

Thank You for your input,

Kevin Novack

First National Realty Services

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  • I've been contacted to do BPO's for this company and I refuse to do so, thanks to this forum. I only work with a handful of BPO companies and have never had a payment issue. I've worked for AVM and Clear Capital. I'm afraid to take orders from others because I can't trust some if them.
  • I got paid 3 years later. I was surprised that they contacted me. But during that time I have been going back and forth with this company. Including taking them to small claims court. I had filed complaints with the BBB, that didn't stop them from lying about making good on paying, and I filed a complaint with the California AG who was nothing more than a waste of time. The AG was more interseting in their political gains than helping the people. 

    Somewhere there was a posting mentioning about someone should do a class action lawsuit about this company. A few years back there were 3 groups of lawyers who were working on class actions against this company and a few others. I was a part of one of them, but all that went away as it seemed that the lawyers felt like that they could not get the money out of this and the other companies that they were thinking that they could get. I haven't heard of any possible class actions since.  

  • That seems to be the key with this company.  I have successfully been paid partially and as promised only upon escalating the situation.  Than you for the awesome tip on the late payment penalty..they really like to stretch it out!

  • Thank you  Morgan McGee, I called them and said I was going to put mechanics lien on properties and got paid.  I would suggest those who are stilled owed money to do the same.

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  • HA HA BBB report card give an F with over 800 complaints!

  • I looked up First Valuation website and found the email address to CEO and others. I emailed accounting and cc'd the others. I let them know that if I didn't have a check in the mail within the week that I was going to put a mechanics lien on the property that I did the orders on. I had a phone call within a half hour letting me know the check was being processed.
    I also told them on one order that I needed to be paid within 60 days and wanted it in writing that any time over would be $50 each and every month late payment penalty. A supervisor signed the agreement, emailed back to me, and I was paid on time for the order.
  • I totally agree Kevin.

  • Just took the time to file my BBB, Attorney General and FBI IC3 complaint. Suggest everyone please take the time to complete, I know it's a pain, but we will get this resolved if everyone sticks together. 

  • I know of one credit union who uses them exclusively here in Colorado, Coors Credit Union.  I do not have any contacts in any of their offices though.  Credit unions seem to rely heavily on the bargain price of a valuation as opposed to an expensive appraisal.  I wish my other BPO accounts would market to this company and that would shift the work over to a paying accounts.  I think broker price opinion must call credit unions and pester them for work. I have heard through an interior client of mine that Coors has no idea that we are not being paid properly.  Anyone have contacts or an account with that Coors Credit Union?? 

  • This company does not have any integrity at all.  We are real estate professionals and we don't work for free.  Their business is providing broker price opinions to the lenders and they depend on us to provide that to their clients.  They get paid on time and for a lot more money.  We are not in the business to make these people rich at our expense.

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