BPOs and the Real Estate Agents that build them.


Broker's Price Opinion is the way forward when hired sales agents use a method to calculate the selling price of a home that has been repossessed. One will usually find the need for a Broker's Price Opinion when a lender or a mortgage company thinks the expense of a property cannot be determined, therefore forcing the lender to order the BPO. It is the real estate broker that carries out the valuation.

The price that is determined from the BPO is issued in a report which can be a four or five page official document and includes key information such as:

• The neighborhood and property prices in the immediate ZIP code

• The price of similar properties in that neighborhood

• Regional market aspects

• Condition of the property

Sales trends are also taken into consideration and the BPO agent will also look at aspects like how much repair needs to be carried out on the property, whether the garden, fixtures, fittings and foundations are in disrepair and even crime figures which could lower the pricing opinion of the local area. 

A lender or a bank will hire an agent to carry out the BPO and there are a number of different reasons why they may order a BPO on a real estate property. These will include real estate owned properties where homes will have been repossessed following non-payment of monthly revenues, foreclosures, short sales, and sometimes just to double check a previous appraisal of a home's price.


The estimated value of a property could be calculated by a real estate broker or a company that is certified to carry out a BPO. Another determining factor in BPOs is the cost it might take to get the home up to scratch and ready to sell on the normal market. A home that has been repossessed is more often than not in a state of disrepair, or it could have had the gas and electricity turned off. 

A home that has been through foreclosure may even require extensive work on the yard areas, plumbing, rewiring, fire or water damage, driveway repair or simply need modernization and redecoration carried out. These factors and costs are calculated in to the report by the real estate agent and then passed on to the financial institution, such as the bank, lending association or financial institution that has requested the BPO in the first place. 

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