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Hi everyone,

BPO Labeler is a windows tool I developed to easily and quickly rename photos just by dragging each photo to the corresponding field names - the photo would be renamed and copied to the destination folder that was originally specified. 

You can also access the Price Opinion calculator by clicking on the "Tools" in the toolbar of the application. The price opinion calculator was originally designed for BPO Fulfillment platform but it should work for others as well and I plan on enhancing it upon request since i'm limited which platforms I can use/see.

I would like to know what other tools are currently being used in the BPO business thats makes life easier. If you would like to test BPO Labeler out, you may download it it from the post or contact me. It's free.

BPO Labeler original download link post



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  • Also it might be easier to ask question through the actual post and not this blog as it seems it doesnt have a reply feature to a specific users. My original post can be found here along with the download: http://reopro.ning.com/forum/topics/software-i-developed-for-price-...

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  • I'll make an edit in my post to make sure it says windows platform however you should be able to run this on a Mac Book with Windows Parallels or any other software that allows running of windows apps. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Hi Calvin - This is a windows software so i'm really not sure how its going to play out on your Mac Book. Are you using windows parallels or something similar to run windows applications?

  • I downloaded the attachment but was not able to open it on my Mac book. It says I need an application installed in order to open the file, any suggestions?

  • has any one use this tool?

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