Blacklisted by Chase

Does anyone know why Chase is blacklisting agents? The asset companies are notorious for changing reports to what their clients want so it cant be the reports. If its not the reports can doing a lot of short sales get you blacklisted? Has anyone that did work for Evaluation Solutions do work for Old Republic and has now seen a drop in Old Republic BPOs since Eval went bankrupt? If you do get blacklisted how do you find out why?

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  • I refuse to do work for Evaluation Solutions as they do not pay.  Right now they owe me for $330+ in BPO money that I know I will never see.

  • I have noticed that the BPO's have slowed down some the last couple weeks?  Don't know if its because of a blacklist or that is has anything to do with issue with the "Homeowners bill of rights" that I read may have put a temporary stop to foreclosures?  Anyway, all these banks and their listing agents/inhouse escrow closing agents want you to conform to their reports so they can close an escrow even if it means the price conclusion is way more or way less than the market value and lying to the consumer.  They have already instructed their third party vendors requesting the BPO's to reject and make you do clarifications if the report is not in the bracketed price range they predetermined to close at.  If I see it possible and it makes sense to do adjustments, then I will.  But if their requests are not justifiable depending on the location/condition/gla I won't do it and give them an explination why.  I will not lose my license for a lowsey $40/$50 report.  The banks will not admit to anything and put themselves in jeopardy. Unfortunately, there is alot of scrupulous practices and favoritizm going around and some people are getting target for stupid reasons to be replaced for another that are doing the same.  The best you can do is send them emials with your concerns and attach any documents that prove your point.  Hopefully, they will have the compassion to turn the ruling around if infact a DNU was the case. 

  • Hey Jason,

    First off, you need to know that it's a common practice, accepted within the financial / REO industry to black list or DNU (Do Not Use) agents or any vendors, title attorneys, property preservation specialist, etc.... This is done by banks when they feel or believe a vendor isn't working in accordance to their rules, regulations or procedures or if they simply don't like you. My point is, banks aren't obligated to provide you business and you aren't entitled to receive assignments. It's a "at will" agreement and can be termintated for any reason or no reason at all.


    As for finding out if you have been DNU'd, you can call the bank, speak with your asset manager and ask. I have found that most of the time, they will tell least so I have heard however, if they aren't returning your calls, that maybe all the assurance you need to know you have been DNU'd.

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