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  • Wishing you all a successful Season * May you need assistance in South Florida keep me in mind. Looking forward to a REAL NETWORK * To your Success!
  • Thank you for the Red Ribbon!
  • Hello Narinderjit and thank you for your friend request.

    Hope I can be of help with any of your questions.

  • Thank you for the Red Ribbon!
  • No, I attended the Fannie Mae Southern California Broker Training in Long Beach, CA.
  • Narinderjit,
    Did you attend 5 Star?
  • Will do. Has anyone heard from the Bridge Conference personal. I haven't heard from them in over 2 months.
  • Hello Narinderjit! Thanks for the invite. I was unable to follow through with attending the Bridge Conference (family emergency). How was your experience? did it meet your expectations and lastly, did you sign up?

  • Narindejit,
    I am tied up most of tomorrow morning, but look forward to touching base with you soon. You are right it is never too late! Try me in the afternoon. Thanks again and talk soon,
  • Thanks for adding me as a friend. We can all use more friends!
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