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  • Where is the list of companies to sign up with? This is a great blogging site. I'm looking forward to utilizing it more!
  • How can I advertise on your site? We are a property preservation company. Thank you!
  • Hi Jesse, thanks for telling me! Let me know if that works.
  • Hello Jesse from Atlanta! I have added the badge to right on the homepage about halfway down. Thanks so much.
  • OK. I'll add the badge to my website and will let you know once it is done.

  • Hi Jesse,

    Love this site and would like to have the REOPro badge in my website. It is

  • Hi Jesse!

    Can you please help me and add the REO Badge in my website. Thank you!
  • Hey Jesse,
    I recd this email today saying ' breaking news on REOpro". It was something about beta testing , titanium soloutions etc...
    I logged on to the website to read more but am not able to see it anywher. I am wondering if someone sent out that email to the members of reo pro without posting it on the website or it was just sent out to me or...I dont know what else to think?
    Pls let me know when you have some time.
    Thank you
  • Hi Jesse,

    Sorry I'm just getting back to you, I've had a crazy week. I did let my insurance agent review the listing agreement & he had me switch to a different type of policy. I'll try to get the information to you this week.

  • Hi Jesse,
    I dont see the NABPOP link anymore on the main page under the designations/certifications list.
    Has it been removed ? Why?
This reply was deleted.