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  • Hi Jesse,

    Thank you for a great site! I enjoy reading your blogs, full of resources.
    Wishing you all the best in 2009,and a strong business outcome.
  • I am still doing title. I love where I am now. I have much more freedom and we are busy... Our turn times on title are 3-12 hours which is unheard of in this business.
  • Hey Jesse, long time. We need to catch up
  • Hi Jesse,

    Thanks! By the way, I love this site and THANK YOU for putting it together so nicely!

    - Kevin
  • Thanks Jessie!
  • Ok great. Thanks for the help. It answered my question perfectly.
  • Oh, Okay, I guessed the asset manager group was only for asset managers! I will join that group.
  • Hello Jesse,
    I am organizing my REO Team, do you have any information on how to outsource the BPO'S, DATA INPUTING, Pictues, etc.
  • Hello Jesse, this is a wonderful tool, it is a good idea to always Network.I am trying to get a Freddie Mac Acct and a Wells Fargo Acct, Any suggestions, Also I am having problems uploading my picture.
  • Jesse, great network, I just joined. Good luck with the mission, and we'll help where we can
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