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  • What would your recommend?
  • Hi James, thank you for the invitation for REOPRO, are you going to Las Vegas for the AREAA / NAHREP
  • Hey James! I sure was!! Sorry we missed eachother... would love to chat with you about the Commercial end of things... I'm not sure that I mentioned to you before that our office is lauching a Commercial division and getting things kicked off!! Pretty exciting!!! How are you doing??
  • Sorry James, I don't save them as I Delete them.
  • Hi James:

    I deleted your recent blog post because, in my opinion, it wasn't a blog so much it was a forum thread. Please re-post it as a forum thread.

    What is a Blog?
    If you are not familiar with what a blog is, hopefully I can help. Think of a blog as a Opinion Editorial you would write for your local paper. Blogs are your commentary, opinion and personal feelings on a subject or topic written as a narrative. Blogs allow for others to read your thoughts and then interact with you by leaving comments. Blogs are not advertisements or solicitations for business.
  • Mark isn't coming, neither is Greg Muller; I don't know if Jeff Harris is. It could just be you and I! Sue is coming in Friday evening she and I are taking the CREOBA course over the weekend. I arrive around 2:30 on Wed. When do you get in. I'm not staying at the Omni; I'm staying in a great one bedroom suite on the intercoastal waterway in Ft Lauderdale. But, I'm be at Omni to register for convention and for reception Wed nite.
  • Thanks for the connection, James. I didnt attend the convention. I really wished I had, especially after hearing all the great networking that was going on. Did you attend, if so how was it?
  • Were you at 5-Star? Sue and I ended up going at last minute because of Citi's preferred agent meeting. I must say they did a good job this year! Are you going to REOMAC????
  • I sure was!!! I rememner you... How are you???
  • Good move, I think it will be a while before it pays off in listings but I am certainly a believer. Let's keep in touch on any developments on the Commercial side. I am in SC so no competition. signing off for the day.
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