• I understand some companies take a little longer than others. I started doing work for them and the checks kept coming. Since I started doing more and more work  presto the checks disappeared. I am owed over 2000 and have been getting the run-around with the payments and always here the same old recordings when I will get a call back in 24- 48 hrs. I now have heard they have restructured the company and will get me my I am well past my 90 days for payment, so we will see. 

  • BEWARE OF BROKERPRICEOPINION.COM! They are very slow pay, I went through the BBB to rattle their cage and at the point I was extremely frustrated I actually called through the main office and asked to speak to the owner who's name is in the main website.....The couple of times I had called before they told me I would have to leave a message for him and of course he never called back, finally I called once and told who answered I was returning HIS call and they patched me through, at which point I told the guy off pretty good but I had a check in a week for everything owed.....They are not worth the time...

  • they currently owe me a little of $2000.  I left messages with their accounting department and it took them over a week to return my call.  When they finally called they said I am scheduled to get a check next week for work that was done last November.... Their forms are all very easy to do, however, it is a pain to get paid.

  • Hello Jim,

    I started doing property inspections for them in January, had to fight for 25.00 per order they wanted to pay 15.00, congrats on 30.00. It took me 6 months to get paid for the 15 that I did for them. I started an email campaign in May and almost everyday emailed them, then threatened to go to BBB and post on all blogs that they don't pay. So..long story short they will eventually pay, but you have to fight for it and wait 6 months. Same as Evaluation Solutions. I told to take me off their roster as I don't want to wait 6 months to get paid and also to have to fight for it.

  • Just got a call from them today out of the blue. Know nothing about them.

    • The offer me $20.00 but I tell them $35.00 and settle for $30.00.  If I have to go more than 15 miles or so, I tell them $50.00 and they see if they can find someone else, if not, they call me back.  Talkes less than 10 minutes to do the report. 

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